Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Daily Deer: Superbowl Edition...

I genuinely couldn't care less which team wins the Superbowl later this afternoon, though I saw on the news that an orangutan named Eli has picked the Ravens, and that he has been successful in his last 5 picks.  No need to even watch, now that we know.  But on the off chance that Beyonce experiences a wardrobe malfunction, we'd better tune in to be up to speed during post game discussions on Monday.

This morning we were in the kitchen grabbing coffee and directly out the window were several deer getting a last minute snack before moving on.  As I mentioned in the last post, they have become comfortable just walking through the property even when we are outside.  Of course, they aren't fans of sudden moves, so when Eva went outside to start taking pictures, they moved to the front of the yard and waited until she went back in the house before continuing to graze.
I did get a few interesting pictures worth posting.  This handsome guy is always a treat to see.   
As one reader, Alan, has pointed out in the past, the deer are not always as friendly and polite as they seem.  This little situation seems to happen often.  This is the first time that I can recall catching both participants up on their hind legs.  If they had little pouches, it could be kangaroo boxing.
This is really an interesting look at the sky just as the sun is getting ready to rise.  We do have a nice view of the sunrise in the morning, though I am usually at work by the time it happens. 
 Eva snapped this picture from the office window today.  Not bad.

Here's hoping your team wins, you don't over indulge on awesome Superbowl snacks  and festive drinks, and that you can make it through your Monday morning meetings without the urge to puke in the wastebasket.  Though technically, some people feel that urge on all Monday's, not just the one following the Superbowl.


MsBelinda said...

You got some neat pictures of your deer. I specially liked the one of them both on their hind legs.

Is that a mating call or were they going to fight? Sorry I do not know much about deer.

I too could care less who wins but I might tune in for the halftime show.

Michigan Transplant said...

I found your blog through an old thread (2009) on C-D. M2 mentioned it so I looked it up on Google. Love your posts and pictures. I came from 12 acres in Michigan, we too had deer, racoons, stray cats, etc. I have saved this in my favorites file and will visit often. Michigan Transplant

Dave said...

@MsBelinda: You know, that very well could be some foreplay. On the other hand, maybe there were only a few kernels of corn left and they were each trying to get the last of it. After all this time and the thousands and thousands of pictures I have, I don't have any of deer "in the act".

@Michigan Transplant: Welcome. M2 is a good sport - he and I served in Bosnia together. Hope you enjoy Texas and the blog.

Anonymous said...
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