Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Daily Deer: My Keurig and Walking Dead...

I've started moving the deer camera around a little more frequently because I have so many pictures of the same view.  Let's face it, I don't want to appear racist and say that all the deer look the same, but if you only see them making the same pose in the same location day after day, they start to blend into with horns, without horns, little, normal and big.  By moving the camera from tree to tree, at least the same group show up with a different background.
 I still have this grand idea of taking a bunch of the pictures, putting them into a movie and adding some music to it.  I just haven't done it.  My first attempt using Pinnacle, the movie software I bought a few years ago, it was not immediately intuitive how to reduce the view time for each image all at once.  That is, looking at each picture for 5 seconds is way to long.  I want to be able to move through a thousand images very quickly so it looks like moving pictures.  Anyway, I'll get around to that just like I'll get around to doing my taxes, though maybe not as quickly.

Can you explain to me why I spent quite a bit of money on a fancy Keurig brewing system and after only a few months of use, and not even daily I might add, it is a piece of crap?  I complained about it they day after we bought it, as you may recall, but admittedly, decided that as a back-up or for the occasional cup of coffee, it was fine.  But now, after probably less than 100 actual cups of coffee being brewed, the thing is sputtering, not completing even a quarter cup of coffee, and it wants to be primed.  According to the Keurig YouTube page, priming means washing out the reservoir.  And in case you are wondering, yes, I use only filtered water.  The whole point of the Keurig system is so you can get a quick cup of coffee of your choice without having to brew an entire pot.  If you have to "prime" it before every single use, what is the value of that.  And if it was just me, I'd say I got a bad one or something, but according to the Internet, this is a very common and frustrating issue.

None of this would have mattered if we had just remembered to purchase coffee yesterday.  But no, completely out of coffee for our regular drip coffee maker, I told Eva our back-up, the Keurig was ready to go.  Wrong!  Thankfully, we keep packets of instant coffee at the ready.  Seriously, we are prepared for the zombie apocalypse in that sense.

Which reminds me.  We got through the end of Season 1 and are quickly getting through Season 2 of The Walking Dead.  Like everyone else in the world, we are finally catching up, though I can't see us getting there in time for the Sunday evening premiere of the new season.  Plus, we have to watch Shameless and maybe AxMen or something important.  So please, don't e-mail me the spoilers.  My son basically tricked us into not guessing what happened with that little girl, Sophia in Season 2.   

A few weeks ago, I made some recommendations for Podcasts.  I want to go back and encourage you to listen to Marc Maron, or at minimum, two recent interviews he did.  He had Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner back to back.  Absolutely fascinating.  Interestingly, at the beginning of the Carl Reiner interviewer, he addresses his use of profanity because he knows that many of his non-regular listeners will be tuning in.  Just skip the first few minutes of the show if you are easily soured by a few naughty words, and enjoy the shit out of the interviews.
 My son bought a new product from HEB on his last visit here, then promptly forgot to eat.  No problem, I tried them out and they was some good eats.  True Grits, get it?  If you like grits, you'll like these.

On Saturday, we had to go back into San Antonio to pick up Eva's truck from our mechanic.  Somebody lost an old gas can on the road, and Eva hit it which promptly took out her radiator.  Thankfully, the can was empty and the vehicle didn't blow-up as she was dragging it scraping under the truck.  Anyway, all's well - though the gas can is no longer usable.
 While we were there, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a place called Gilbert's.  Years ago we would go into this place and it was good.  Eva had been with one of her friends for lunch not too long ago and it was still good.  On Saturday, it was pretty crappy.  Gilbert is Gilbert Rodriguez, a big star in the 60's and a member of the Tejano Music Hall of Fame.  He has a house just a few streets over from where Eva grew up.
 The walls of the restaurant are covered in publicity photos of all the Tejano star, most all autographed with tributes to Gilbert.  As I stood in line for about ten minutes to pay the bill, I couldn't help snapping these two pictures.  The first one is of Los Aguilares.  These guys were something back in the day.  I guess now, they are a lot more.  
 The other one is the guy, David DeAnda from Xelencia.  I didn't realize it when I took the picture that this band plays one of my all time favorite Tejano hits, Eres Mi Todo.  I know, I don't speak the language, but I do enjoy the music.   It comes with going to flea markets fairly often. 
I haven't mentioned Littly Kitty, or as Eva refers to her, Keke (pronounced Kiki).  She is such a good little cat and she has been doing a great job lately of bringing us little mice.  Lovely.  When we take a little walk around the fence line, she will follow-us just like a dog.  Though, unlike Gracie who pretty much wanders along, Little Kitty darts in front of us until she finds a tree or something to play on, then catches up, and darts ahead to the next object of interest.  I sure hope she doesn't get eaten by a coyote.
Oh look, another one doing a dance.

And some guys with horns!  Perhaps eventually, the pictures will be replaced with video.

And we are off to get started with another several hours of The Walking Dead.  Hope your day is as eventful.


MsBelinda said...

Wow, it had been a long time since I heard the name Gilbert Rodriguez or David DeAnda!

The only plus of going to Houston is getting to listen to 107.5 in San Antonio a little after Uvalde and for about 60 miles after passing the Alamo city.

Kiki is an adorable cat hope no coyotes eat her either!

Kimothy Ho said...

Aha! Another reason not to get a Keurig! As if not being a coffee drinker is not enough.
"But what if we have guests!? And I think it does tea... Maybe," he says.

Dave said...

Maybe we just got a dud, but I'd vote no.