Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Daily Deer: Front Yard Edition...

"What the..."  Eva looked up from the computer screen out the office window facing our front yard this morning to find this little guy standing there.
I had just let Gracie in less than a minute or two earlier, so either this young buck had just jumped the fence, or Gracie is losing her sense of smell.
This isn't something we necessarily encourage - in fact, I purposely hang my deer cam on the fence facing the back side of the property so we can enjoy the deer without them having a nibble or two of the Hibiscus.  But it is not uncommon for us to come home in the evenings and as the gate swings open, see in the headlights of the truck lots of deer wandering around in the yard. 
The difference is, I never get more than just a blurry picture or two before they take off.

The property just across the street is part of a cul de sac that leads to the end of our sub-division and beyond there, lots of wide open ranch land with coyotes, wild hogs, and more deer.  Our visitors make their way along this path on a daily basis and seem to come and go through here back and forth to that big open area.
After we made more than enough noise to make the little guy skittish, he took off to meet his mom across the street and as I found, his little brother, standing by the fence between ours and the property next door would join them before heading off into wherever they go. 

But it was a nice Sunday morning visit.

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