Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Daily Deer: The Dork Edition...

Last night we spent a few hours sitting out on Stoney Island with a nice fire going in the pit and some cool beverages to to go along with the perfect temperature.  We had the tree lights on and I had the radio tuned into King Country out of OKC, so to be honest, the last thing we expected was a whole mess of deer to come walking by.  Several times during the evening, even with Gracie sitting on my lap or occasionally playing peekaboo with Little Kitty, we'd spot the deer sneaking over the fence and quietly tip-toeing their way from the back of the property, out to the front. 

The cat is one of the deer.  If she wants to walk amongst them, they don't care, and neither does she.  But Gracie has her own strict rule.  She will chase the deer if they are outside the fence, but if they are inside the fence with her, she suddenly has no interest in them.  Of course, to put on a good show, she will wait until they are just close enough to jump outside the property, then she'll take off running as if to show us that it was her bravery that got the intruders out.  She's a good dog that way.  We keep a sign posted on our fence that says, "Beware of Dog".  We believe it helps her self-esteem. 
Anyway, I don't have any pictures of the deer crossing the property last night, but this week, the deer camera caught some other objects of entertainment.  First off, I am seen here in the new overalls Eva bought me.  I'm not gonna lie, they are comfy.  But I do feel a bit dorky walking into the HEB looking all farmer-like.  It wasn't too many years ago - okay maybe a decade or two - when all the hip kids were wearing overalls.  Out here, you pretty much just see old fat guys wearing them.  I fit in where I can.
My son got caught by the deer cam as he was on his way to spread some corn.  His generation hasn't picked up on the whole overall thing yet.
 And of course, once she knew it was safe from random deer, Gracie had to go and inspect the area for clues.
Finally, this is the same group that we have been seeing quite a bit.  They seem to make their way from street to street and house to house knowing that so many people like to get their deer fix.  You really have to be careful when driving through the sub-division because, night or day, you are likely to encounter at least a few crossing the road to get to the next source of snacks.  They got it pretty good out here.

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Kimothy Ho said...

You're so retro! :-)
I think the overalls thing was early 90s... Especially if one strap was off. Small overlap with flannel, but the two together were a no-no for some reason,,, too country? Actually, I think at my school one was more hip-hop and the other more rock.