Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lunch Report: The Salt Lick in Round Rock...

On New Years Eve, we did what all people do; we jumped in the truck and drove about 2 hours up the road to the Ikea store located north of Austin in Round Rock. 
I know, there is nothing anyone could possibly need from Ikea that is worth that sort of drive, but we made the trip and the best part was, we finally had an excuse to try The Salt Lick
 We could have driven to the original Salt Lick in Driftwood, but we were already in Round Rock, and we were starving.   They were delivering wood as we were walking in - you can just imagine how much they go through in a day to smoke all the delicious meats.
You can smell it as soon as you open the car door in the parking lot.  And once you walk in the front door, the pit is visible for diners to get a good look and a whiff of all the action going on there.
I enjoyed the look of the place - lots of brick and wood and long tables and benches.  There were a few regular sized tables for those not wanting to dine all community style, but there wasn't enough of a crowd at that point and we were willing to risk someone else being seated at our long table. 

Our waitress was quick and friendly, chatting about the location and the original in Driftwood, and returning frequently with iced tea refills. 

 Out first was a loaf of warm bread and a small bowl of the barbecue dipping sauce.  I know, we must look like complete pigs, but it was hard not to dip the bread in the sauce to try out the peppery-sweet taste of goodness.
We ordered up two combo plates, as is our usual method for getting a bit of everything on the menu.  I had the ribs and brisket.  The sides were "potato salad" and beans.  The beans were standard, but the potato salad was a disappointment.  It seemed to be some mashed potatoes scooped on top of some warm Cole slaw.  Neither of us went beyond the initial taste test. 

The brisket was outstanding and I would easily put it on par with any of the best brisket we have had in San Antonio, including places like Augie's.  There was no fighting it, it cut and chewed easily and the taste was great.  The ribs were just okay.  Not a complaint at all, only to say, not worth a two hour drive on their own.  If the meal had consisted of just the sides and the ribs, I'd have been disappointed. 
Eva's combo included the same sides along with servings of turkey and pulled pork.  Both were nothing short of fantastic.  I would never order turkey for fear of it being dry and requiring a lot of sauce, but this turkey was so tender and juicy and delicious.  The pulled pork was wonderful.  The presentation is different than what you might get at Augie's, but it worked well. 
Overall, we were extremely satisfied and the visit only made us want to make time to visit the original location in Driftwood.  I asked our waitress about plans to open a restaurant in San Antonio, but she said as far as she knew, it wasn't in the works.  Too bad.  If you find yourself in Round Rock, skip the sides and order the meat of your choice by the pound.  You'll be in for a Tasty Treat.


Jerome said...

Hi Dave,

I subscribed to your blog and enjoy your updates. i haven't been to the Salt Lick in years, I'll have to go back soon.

Have you ever tried the Bar B Q Station off of 410 and Harry Wurzbach in San Antonio?

They used to make some good stuff.

Dave said...

Hi Jerome. I'm almost shocked to tell you that we have not been to The Barbecue Station. I know I have driven by that location in the past, but maybe it just didn't stick out enough to catch my attention.

We'll have to add it to the list!

Sabra said...

You DO need to go there! It's great.

Sabra said...

And closed on Sundays, by the way.

lotta joy said...

If I lived there, I'd be using IKEA as a daily excuse.

Dave said...

@Sabra: Thanks for the tip. I can't count the number of times we have driven to a place for a Sunday drive and lunch only to find the people are opposed to taking my money that day. Needless to say, we tend to check the web page or call ahead before committing to anything further than a few miles.

Lora said...

Been trying to get to the ikea for years. Is the Salt lick close? Now that combo might seal the deal

Dave said...

@Lora: Salt Lick is only an exit or two south of Ikea. Makes for an easy decision!