Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Daily Deer...

We've made it back to Natalia from our 9 day trip to Moore, OK and of course, I immediately had to check on the deer camera to see what exciting things we missed.  It looks like the deer hardly even missed us.  Of course, Gracie got somewhat of a surprise when I let her out Friday morning and when she took off running to chase the deer that are usually on the other side of the fence, she found herself chasing deer in the yard!  I think it was on of those, careful what you wish for situations.  The deer quickly jumped the fence and Gracie quickly retreated to the safety of back porch were the little kitty looked at her and seemed to say, "dumb dog".   I think now that we are back, the deer will stay safely out of the yard but I'll have to keep an eye on our plants.  In the mean time:  Pictures.
These guys are fighting over who is scarier to Gracie.
I love daytime pictures, but pictures with a little fog are nice too.
Oh look!  Racoons, too!
Some of the deer still are puzzled by the tiny red light that comes on with the camera.  These close-ups probably explain why several of the pictures seem a bit off level.
A nice buck posing.  This is the same guy that crossed the street in front of us the other night as we were coming home.  I see him all the time in the mornings but Eva was a little surprised at seeing him up close and personal.
My favorite, daytime shots.
Finally, last night a group of five came for dinner, happy I'm sure that we made it home in one piece.

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