Monday, December 31, 2012

Linner Report: La Fonda on Main...

Yes, that was Linner with an "L" - if you are like us we often prefer to eat out at that time just after the lunch crowd is gone but before the dinner crowds hit, also known as Linner.

And why not take advantage of the nearly empty restaurant to have a relaxed, enjoyable meal and extended conversation with friends without feeling like the waiter is trying to push you out?   We met some good friends at La Fonda on Main and found some good eats and enjoyable atmosphere to make a nice Sunday afternoon.  
Inside, the place is old, comfortable and classy.  I didn't feel under-dressed in jeans, but I could see where people might tend to spiff it up a bit for dinner.
While we dined inside, it is worth noting the beautiful outdoor dining area.  I remembered this big tree from years ago when we attended a reception for friends of ours at La Fonda.
To the appetizers.  I'm not a huge fan of the lobster bisque, but you have to admit the presentation is very nice.
And this posole looked and tasted wonderful.
The four of us each ordered different plates, then promptly exchanged different samples of each item, so I got a pretty good variety of the Mexican part of the menu.   First up, I ordered one of the specials from the Brunch menu.  Unfortunately, I can't think of the name and I can't seem to locate it on the web-site, but it was something something al pastor.  Buried beneath those poached eggs is some pork tenderloin.  It was really good.  I probably should have read the full menu listing since I am not a fan of asparagus, but honestly, it was also very good.
Eva had the Natalata plate, which I am going to assume is intended to be a play on not-a-lotta.  With a crispy taco, an enchilada, rice and beans, it seems a good fit for someone not wanting to gorge themselves on a huge meal.
The La Fonda Special is more like what you might get with a traditional Mexican plate.  A little bit of everything and a tamale!  Since we were sampling, I had some tamale and some of the enchilada, both perfectly wonderful.
For me, the hit of the afternoon was the Chile Relleno which is stuffed with beef tenderloin and certainly some chopped pecans in there.  It also came with an enchilada verde that was transferred to my plate for assistance.  I would definitely recommend this selection, even if you think you don't like spicy foods.
 Overall, the service was good.  We did have a slight glitch after being seated, but I suspect it may have been that they were between shifts or something.  Once it was determined that we would need a server if we were to have a meal, thinks ran smooth. By the way, the iced tea was delicious and refilled as often as I needed (I think I had 5 refills).

If you ever have an urge to take a drive through that part of town to check out the older historic homes, it wouldn't be a bad place to stop in for a relaxed, well presented meal.  La Fonda on Main is not your hole-in-the-wall taco shop, so plan to take your time and enjoy.   

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