Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trader Joe's at Quarry Village...

Okay, on our last outing to a strictly California place, In & Out Burger, I was not all that impressed.  I had this in mind when we drove the 30 minutes from our place out here into Lincoln Heights north of Downtown SA, just to experience Trader Joe's, a hipster style grocery store that doesn't seem to carry your normal food brands (Kraft, Oscar-Mayer, etc) but instead has everything you could want in Trader Joe style.  I don't have a picture, but they have their own beer.
After having to park down the street (they needed police just to direct traffic in and out of the parking lot) we walked in and immediately realized the place was too packed for comfort.  We took a quick walk around the outer edges of the fairly small store only to see that the line to check out wrapped around the entire outer aisles of the store. 
There is lots of good stuff inside Trader Joe's and it is easy to see why people in San Antonio have been eager to get one here.  Having said that though, let's not just assume that HEB is going out of business just yet.  We made our way through all four aisles and promptly walked out the door without a thing.  As we started to cross the street, the police officer directing traffic asked us how e left so quickly without anything and we told him the line was too long.  He convinced us that the line moves fast and we could actually be through it in under five minutes.
Eva and I looked at each other then we decided to turn around and go back inside.  We ended up getting in line and just grabbing a few essentials as we hit the shelves that ringed the store.  It is hard to pass up on $2.99 wine and huge chocolate chip cookies.  No wonder I am so fat.
In fact, the place is so well organized that we really did get out of the store in probably a total of ten minutes, each of us darting back and forth to our shopping cart to pick another item.  Cookie Butter.  You must try it.  I'm not even going to tell you how many bottles of wine we bought, but the six-pack bag they sold us for 99 cents didn't carry it all.
I'll eventually try some of these snacks, but I'll do so trusting that they must be healthy.  We walked out with a bunch of unnecessary crap for about $30 which, given the number of bottles of wine that left with us, is pretty inexpensive.
 Aside from the traffic being unbearable in that area, our brief visit to Trader Joe's was not that bad.  We look forward to going again once all the excitement has worn off and you can actually go in and browse without feeling like you are blocking an aisle full of California Ex-Pats when you stop to pick up a box of Joe O's. 


Anonymous said...

One of the things I liked about TJs was the decor and "norman Rockwell"-style cafe architecture that some of them had in the east coast. I wish that was able to carry over to the SA store, but it looks like another typical brick and mortar interface.

Thanks for the review! Too bad they opened by the time I moved out of Tx.

Unknown said...

Two-buck Chuck! I personally like the Charles Shaw Cab, but my partner's a bit more particular though so we usually just go for the Gyoza... Mmmm... Use some sesame oil for those and them good eats! And they're pretty much as busy out here in LA.