Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh, Where to Start...

Last week we took a short drive with our dog Gracie from the relative warmth of Natalia to the brisk and windy Moore, OK, 8 hours north on I-35, where we stuck a nice medium sized turkey in the oven, stuffed ourselves with a satisfying Thanksgiving lunch and enjoyed a few interesting football games with several of my son's friends.  With such a good time, why not stay for another week, right?
Of course I am not above staging a photo, in this case with my son doing the honorary carving of the turkey, but in fact, he actually did the carving, and not a bad job at all.  The bird was fresh, not frozen, and I must say, very juicy and delicious.
Add in the rest of the fixin's like jalapeno cheese squares and such, and you just know I need to hit the treadmill that quietly awaits me back home.


But there is more to OKC than just some turkey and sides.  On Wednesday evening, my son and I attended the Thunder vs. Clippers game at the 'Peake, a fantastic basketball venue.  The game was a thriller, going into overtime before the home team pulled off the win.  Of course we are Spurs fans, but you have to appreciate the energy and enthusiasm of the OKC fans.
 These people love this team and it was easy to suspend loyalties and join the bandwagon.  I'm not a huge follower of sports but I genuinely appreciate the way that OKC has taken the best qualities of other NBA teams and incorporated them into the experience.

Rumble, the team mascot was fantastic.  In addition to cheerleaders, they had several human characters throughout the stands keeping the crowd going.  And the fans were terrific.  Of course, it helps to have a solid team.


The morning after Bedlam, the meeting between the OU Sooners and the OSU Cowboys, about five miles down the road from my son's house in Norman, we went and had breakfast (another post) on the campus, then went to the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of History for a quick looksee.
 Lots of bones, lots of Hopi stuff.  It was an interesting hour.


Because they have casinos here in Oklahoma, we were required to make the obligatory half-hour visit into one in order to quickly blow $20 a piece on slots.  As a reward for playing, we left completely smoked out and with my ears ringing from the bittersweet sound of other people winning.
  If I'm going to blow money like this, I'd much rather do it playing Lotto where I can at least wait overnight thinking I might have a chance before the inevitable waste of a buck.  To me, there is at least some satisfaction in the "what if" factor.  At the casino, my $20 bill disappeared in about 6 pushes of the button and I was off looking for Eva to see if she might have fared better.  No such luck, as expected.  

We have simply gorged ourselves during this trip, so as I can, I'll post pictures and reports of the places that have increased my waistline.  Stay tuned...

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MsBelinda said...

Everything looks delicious. Sounds like you had a great time while in Oklahoma.