Friday, November 2, 2012

Kitty Clearing House...

One of the realities of living out here is that people tend to use the empty spaces as a place to do things away from the view of others.  Case in point:  The Medina County deputy who was spending literally hours "doing reports" in the empty cul de sac that sits in front of our house.  Eva would be doing Zumba in our living room, and that guy was fastidiously doing his reports in the privacy of the cul de sac that conveniently faces the front of our house.  Nothing to see here.  He got the hint after a call to the Medina County Sheriff about how much we appreciated the extra protection during the middle of the day.

Another thing people do is drop off unwanted pets.  It is a sad and disgusting reality that people talk themselves into abandoning unwanted pets "out in the country" assuming that folks like us will just add them to the menagerie and add a few more dollars to the monthly pet food and vet bill budget.  Seriously, just put a bullet in the poor animal's head, bury it and be done with it.

I had written a while back about Maggie, the little doggie that we rescued from one of those mobile "last chance" units.  They basically set up shop in a parking lot letting you know that the next day, every pet in the van is going to be euthanized.  It makes it much easier to consider an adoption.
Maggie was a great little dog but the truth is, she was not a good fit for Gracie, the dog we have had for years.   We spent a month or so looking for a good home for her, never even considering for a split second, the option of surrendering her back to Animal Care Services.  That simply was not an option for us.
In the end, a co-worker of mine who has a border-collie was seeking a young dog with lots of energy.  We did a short trial meeting and Maggie turned out to be a wonderful match.  Two months later, Maggie and Mylie are great friends and frankly, Gracie is happy to be the lone dog in the house.

One evening we were sitting out on our patio and Eva noticed some movement on the cul de sac in front of our property.  It wasn't a deputy writing a report but instead, it was at least four little kittens scrambling around under the street light.  Either the cats were beamed down from a star ship, or some bastard had dropped them off hoping we'd take on the burden.
As is the norm out here, the best we can tell is; did I mention that we have coyotes?  After a lot of harassment by Gracie, I was able to convince the remaining little kitten to take up residence in our garage.  We put out food and water and milk and two months later, little kitty, the lone survivor is still with us and we are ready to take her to the vet to get fixed and all her shots.
  She has adopted us and as long as she is cool with having dinner in the garage (away from Gracie) all is good.

 A few days ago, another stray showed up.  Not a kitten.
 This is a Maine Coon.  We have a little insight through my brother who has a few of these cats in Florida, and Eva was smart enough not to whip out The Judge, realizing it wasn't a freaking bobcat or raccoon on the patio. 
This cat looks like it has been out on its own for a while.  It is tame, but the matted fur and stickers suggest the poor thing has been in the brush with our deer for a while.  It needs to be shaved and to do that, it needs to be sedated.  My neighbor, an animal rescuer through and through, is ready to pay for the full spay/neuter, shave and such just to get the poor thing to a point that someone will adopt it.  I just can't help but think that some family is missing their Maine Coon.

Eva put up signs with our number and perhaps someone will call, but for now, the big huge matted Maine Coon is keeping Gracie at bay, and the little kitty is happy to keep Gracie company. 


Anonymous said...

Aw there is just something about a full grown man holding a kitten that warms my heart every time!!!

Dave said...

something about a full grown man

Good lord. Who let that picture get past the censors. My hair is a mess and it almost looks as though I have a huge beer gut. The camera always adds ten pounds.

She is a cute, heart warming kitten though.