Monday, November 26, 2012

Burger Report: Louie's in Norman, OK...

We made it into the OKC area without incident on Tuesday evening and found that our son was just as hungry as we were.  First up on the list of places to violate all sense of sensible diet was a local chain called Louie's.  There is one in Moore but we drove a few miles down the street to Norman for the larger restaurant, just in case there was a wait.  There wasn't and we walked right in.
Inside, the place was nice and open with additional seating upstairs, lots of wide screen monitors for viewing of sports, and an atmosphere suitable for a nice meal or knocking back a few during a game.  We were there for the vittles. 
As we sipped delicious iced tea, our speedy waitress brought us an order of awesome chips and cheese with an especially good salsa.  Seriously, good salsa.

The menu offered a lot more than just burgers.  The pizza on the menu looked really inviting and they had salads and loads of appetizers.  But we came for the burgers which my son informed were at least above average for the area.
This was something with avocado.  It looked and tasted very good. The skinny fries are not my thing, but they weren't bad at all.
I had the Southwest something or other.  It had the jalapenos I needed and I think there was some bacon smothered by cheese on it.  Unfortunately, I did not calculate the southwest seasoning that to me has a taste reminiscent of dirty feet. That aside, what's not to like?   I think I really would have enjoyed this burger if I could have scraped off the seasoning, but they served what I ordered and you can't blame a place for that. 

We had continuous tea refills and the solid service was topped off by the waitress offering to send us on our way with to-go cups for the tea.  No complaints at all.  Try it if you are in the area.

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