Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lunch Report: Big Bib BBQ on Austin Highway...

Following our visit to The County Line last weekend, we got a suggestion from long time reader, Maureen, who told us we need to get over to The Big Bib on Austin Highway so we could get some barbecue redemption.
If you are familiar with the end of Austin Highway closest to Alamo Heights, you'll want to face your car much further to the east, beyond the fancy shops and museums, and closer to the hookers, or so I am told.
We have always believed that some of the best eats you can find come tucked away in small little places - a hole in the wall - where seating is limited but worth the lack of elbow room.   The actual seating area could easily fit in the dining room in our house.  They managed to fit two tables for 4, two tables of 2 and a single seater, making it quite a cozy fit.  Not to worry, the real business takes place in the back where they are whipping up some really, really good vittles.
With too many options, we both ordered plates with two meats and two sides.  I had the chicken, brisket, mac & cheese and potato salad.  The order came with bread and some little tubs of sauce.  A really important factor for both Eva and I when it comes to BBQ is that it stand on its own without the sauce.  Without question, the chicken and the brisket hit the mark.  The sauce itself was in all honesty, not that great at least for us.  It was okay for dipping, but not needed and certainly not the highlight of the visit.

The potato salad was nothing short of outstanding.  Eva ended up swiping half my portion, and it was probably a mistake not to get a pint to go.  If you visit, get the potato salad, you won't regret it.

We were split on the mac & cheese.  I posted a picture on Facebook and one of my friends left a comment that the "mac & cheese looks a little shaky..."  I agree.  I prefer it to be a little less liquid and a lot more stuck together.  It wasn't bad at all, just not the texture I'm looking for.  Eva on the other hand enjoyed it and would gladly order it again.
What she would not order again would be the chili she got as a side along with her plate.  I don't even know what to say about it, other than "Don't". Along with the chicken, she got the pulled pork and in spite of the appearance in the picture, it was wonderful.  So moist and delicious, I'd have to say that it was even better than the brisket.  If you even think that you like pulled pork, you'll be happy with this.
As we were eating, the lady behind the counter brought out samples of the peach cobbler for everyone to try.  We had already ordered portions to go, but enjoyed the sample just the same.
Overall, The Big Bib BBQ on Austin Highway filled our urgent need for some good home style barbecue, and if you find yourself in the area, you'll be in for a Tasty Treat.


Anonymous said...

So, how would you rate the pulled pork against Augies?

Maureen said...

The pulled pork was outstanding. The last couple of times we were at Augie's the pulled pork was dry and truly didn't seem very fresh at all. The smoked turkey was also really good at The Big Bib. I don't care for typical BBQ sides, so I had chips but my family liked what they had. If you read the yelp reviews, there are about fifty glowing reports to one not-so-glowing report. We will stop and eat there again when we're down that way. I really like the owners, too. San Antonio just sucks for BBQ, overall, in my opinion, but I'm not a fan of brisket.

Dave said...

I wouldn't even begin to compare the pulled pork between the two places unless I could do one of those side by side blindfold tests. As Maureen mentions, she has had issues with Augie's, and I'll just say that every place has good days and bad days.

Anonymous said...

Having moved to STL from SA, I miss Texas BBQ. What's funny is that the "good" BBQ places here in STL have signs and apparel from Lockhart BBQ joints (Blacks, Smitty's, etc) decking the walls and ceilings here! It's as if the owners made some kind of pilgrimage to Texas and studied from the masters...except...they just can't get their smokers to give up the secrets that make TX BBQ one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, STL BBQ joints here add sugar to damn near everything from their "super sweet" tea, to the candy-like 'tater salad, and the donut-glazed ribs. Although, the "St. Louis Baby Back Ribs" are pretty good..and I had some today that nearly destroyed my bathroom, but it was worth it.

Another staple here in STL is pulled pork. Pulled pork has never been a big BBQ item for me, but it is a BBQ item in its own right and I still gobble it up every chance I get.

Missing Tx...but I'll be back soon. Keep up the food reviews Mr. Dave! Still gotta head over to Alamo Springs Cafe...hey feddies are off now you have an excuse to head on up the ol' San Antonio road that used to take you to Fredericksburg before they built highway87...out near the bat cave...