Friday, October 5, 2012

Fire, Fire, Fire... Fire

This past weekend, Eva got the urge to start raking all the stray weeds and such from around the trees on the other side of our fence.  She is clearly ready for the fence to be moved, allowing us to open the full "ranch" up to landscaping and more importantly, free roaming territory to our Gracie.
She left a bunch of little piles full of leaves, limbs and twigs.  Tonight, I set them on fire.  Good times.

I got  a comment from Alan on my last Daily Deer post regarding the planting of some winter rye.  I emptied the large sack of rye I had leftover from last year along the area the deer feed at, but hope to grab another bag this weekend and get some more going.  We'll see if it grows or gets eaten!


Steve said...

UGH! Fire good!

AlanDP said...

You'll need to water it. Or at least rake it under so it has just a little dirt covering it. Otherwise it might be scarfed up by birds.