Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big Night In Lytle Report: Dinner and a Room...

All it took was a quick picture of the hotel room posted on Eva's Facebook page, and the comments began to roll in; oh the in-room Jacuzzi and that king size bed.  To fully appreciate the stay in a hotel, not 5 miles from our house, and on not any particular date of importance short of it being Friday, you have to recall that we bid for and won the overnight stay at Lytle's new Best Western, several months ago at the Lytle PAWS for Summer event.
Before I tell you about the hotel, let's take a quick inspection of our dinner for the evening, the Steak and Shrimps at the Armadillo Cafe, a fairly new restaurant attached to the Days Inn, Lytle's older hotel of record.  Shrimps.
 We've been to this place in previous versions of itself and thought it was okay but had always wished for more.  In theory, when you change names and I assume management, something is supposed to happen that makes it better.  On this night, we thought it would be a good idea to give the advertised special a shot.  The problem was, neither of our waitresses seemed to know what the advertised special was, or what sides might come with it.  That proved entertaining enough for a while.
 I'm not even going to waste a minute on this other than to say, the steak (which I ordered "medium") was way over cooked and not very good to boot.  Boot being the operative word.  The "shrimps" was/were rubbery and not otherwise good.  The toast was good.   I liked our primary waitress because she seemed like she was having a good time in spite of knowing the things you know when you work where you do. 

I'm sure these people mean well.  The next time I want steak, I'll just go to my house.  That isn't a restaurant name, it is literally, my house.  I make better steak without even trying than any restaurant in the tri-city area, so far.
Okay, on to the beautiful Best Western Plus Lytle Inn & Suites.

I have to be honest here; we expected the place to be a dump.  Since it opened, the place has been booked solid and when you drive by, you can't help but notice that the majority of the vehicles parked out front belong to oil workers.  Not a bad word to say against the fine men doing their best to keep the industry going south of us, wanting nothing more than a hot shower, warm bed and free breakfast before heading back out for another shift.  But if you have ever dined at Bill Miller's when a dude covered in sweat, grease and grime comes in and sits at the table next to you, you can only imagine what the hotel maids have to deal with.
When we won the free stay at the hotel, we never intended to actually use it.  It was for a good cause and we thought perhaps one of our kids or family friend might enjoy a night out at our place and then stay a few miles up the road at the Best Western on us.  That didn't happen and we needed to use the room, considering it had technically expired a few weeks ago.
 What we found was that the Best Western was in superb shape, both extraordinarily clean and maintained, but full of wonderful amenities and very nicely staffed.  Everyone was friendly, even at 5:20 Saturday morning when I slipped out to go home and let Gracie out.  At first, I was taken aback when the lady at the counter gave me a cheerful "good morning" as I walked through the lobby, suddenly becoming conscious of my jacked-up hair as if I was making the early morning walk of shame (though, technically, I don't think that applies to men).  I could only think to respond with, "Uh, my dog needs to pee".  The lady giggled as though she hadn't heard that one before.
We used to have a ritual of spending anniversaries or even New Year's Eve at a really nice hotel near the airport, complete with indoor pool, in-room Jacuzzi and the full breakfast.  No need to make a trip to San Antonio.  We didn't bother to swim, but the full amenities were here in Lytle.
We had no complaints at all with the room, the bed, the TV, and the little kitchenette.  Everything was great and I would never have a problem with recommending this place to family or friends making an overnight stay in the area.
 Breakfast was better than most of the free meals you get at hotels.  We had a nice stay at a La Quinta recently with free breakfast, but the Best Western deal was much, much better.  This picture is Eva's modest serving of Waffle, eggs, sausage and fried potatoes.  My breakfast was about double this size. The breakfast lady went to each table asking people if they needed something else or cooked differently.  Don't like scrambled eggs?  She'd cook you something else.

Bottom line, it was all good.  We joked about the place probably being all nasty and the truth is, and I have stayed in some seriously first class hotels (at taxpayer expense), this Best Western was perhaps one of the cleanest places I have been.

I'm not going to pretend that Lytle is a tourist destination, but if you find yourself in need of a place to stay in the area, I'd happily recommended the Lytle Best Western Inn & Suites.       

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Funny you didn't seem to mention the man in the next room Snoring so Loud he woke me up :)