Sunday, September 9, 2012

Roadrunner Report: Home Opener Win...

Saturday, my son and I went to the first home game of the season for UTSA at the Alamodome and were treated to a win, making the Roadrunners 2-0.  The details of the game aren't really important - there were lots of exciting plays followed by periods of less excitement.  It wasn't a nail-biter but certainly entertaining.
 When we attended the record-breaking inaugural game last year with an attendance of something like 56,000 fans, the excitement prior to the game and all the activities leading up to kick-off made us think there might be at least some amount of hoopla making an early arrival worth it.  Not so much. Just the band playing a few songs and people getting free samples of ice cream and cheese balls (not to be confused with Cheetos).
There were some good fan costumes which are always fun.  We saw the Mexican wrestler guy again, though the pictures I took were totally unusable, he was certainly a crowd favorite.
This was my favorite costume.  This little lady was tuckered out by the end of the first quarter.

We also walked around the tailgater lot prior to the game, and though there were more people tailgating, the atmosphere was not nearly as electric as last year.
Thankfully, the Alamodome started letting people in at 11:30 instead of waiting until noon.  With a cool 74 degrees inside, we got into our seats, read the program and enjoyed a beer while the teams stretched and warmed-up.
The most exciting thing about any sporting event to me (besides nail-biter endings) is that 10 minutes or so leading up to kick-off.  There are all sorts of motivating commercials on the big screen - I really enjoyed the UTSA oath, another about "We are UTSA" and I really liked the KENS-TV Weather commercial.
 The picture isn't all that great, but Dr. Ricardo Romo escorted SAPD Chief Bill McManus out for a ceremonial coin toss honoring first responders.

 That's all fine and dandy, but this is the real excitement.

There was a moment in the game when UTSA kicked off following a score and the Texas A&M Commerce player receiving the kick lost situational awareness and took a knee at the 1 yard line.  He obviously thought he was standing in the end zone which, when he took a knee would have meant play would start at the 20 yard line. The entire crowd erupted in laughter and cheers and the guy still didn't realize his error.  Once he did, he was obviously crushed and it was nice to see his team mates on the sidelines all cheering him up and giving him pep-talks.

In the end, it was UTSA 27, Texas A&M Commerce 16. Good times.

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