Friday, September 28, 2012

Post Game Dinner Report: Mooyah!

It took us a good twenty minutes or so to get from our primo parking near Cowboys Stadium to the hotel we left my truck at.  From there, we followed my son through traffic from Arlington until we got to I-35W where he headed north to OK City and we headed south for supper.
We got off of I-35W in Burleson where it was highly suggested we try the good food at Mooyah.  I can describe the place the same way my son described it to us.  Think Which-Wich with burgers.  And there ya have it.
 So we pull into this little strip center off the highway and walk into a kids birthday party.  Aside from that, not very busy.  The place was very clean, very well organized and after filling out the little menu forms we hand to a waiting cashier, we served ourselves some excellent drinks.  I love when I can mix lemonade with unsweetened tea.  Bonus!
 When we got our order, I thought of Five Guys.  Just look at my fries in a bag! No peanut shells on the ground, but it seems close. 
The burgers were superb.  Eva got something on a wheat bun with avocado - you won't get that at Five Guys. And just look at that hunk of cheese. 

I had some bacon and some grilled jalapenos (of course) with mine, and in spite of the crappy pictures, it was a good vittle, right there.
I want them to open a Mooyah in our little town of Lytle near the HEB Plus, but I think that is gonna be a while.  Right now, closest one to us is in Stone Oak, a place I avoid at all costs.  In spite of that, kudos to the folks in Burleson, and the fine Mooyah there.  That is one Tasty Treat, peanut shells or not.



looks good.

Maureen said...

I'm such an insider I get text messages from Mooyah every week or so with special offers. We really like their burgers! It seems like we only go on "theater night" because we're quite fancy like that, and there's a Mooyah's about a block from the "arts center". Good stuff.

Bailey M. said...

Dave - I own the Mooyah in Burleson and want to thank you for sharing your experience! We love hearing from our guests and it is great when our hard work to deliver a great burger and fun atmosphere pays off. Hope to see you back soon!