Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Means...

Yes, there will be the requisite of burning meat on grills and such, but Labor Day weekend means that all the big box stores will be having big sales and super deals on the financing of large items.  We are huge fans of the the whole 0% interest for 6 months when it comes to buying things we can't pay cash for.

I mention this because this morning between games of Solitaire and reading status updates on Facebook, Eva looked up web page after web page for good deals on lawn mowers and garden tractors.  This is where all that Labor Day, day of rest thing gets lost.
We've had our trusty Husqvarna for the nearly two years we've been out here, and believe me, I have put it to work.  Our terrain is fairly level so it isn't like I use the mower to go four-wheeling, but I have hit my fair share of stumps, roots, rocks and assorted sticks over the course of making the land suitable for the day when it starts to rain again and we have actual grass in the form of a lawn, that I probably should have purchased a bulldozer instead of a lawn mower.   

Friday evening, my usual mowing time, I figured it was time to change the blades on the mowing deck and while doing so, as I looked up under the deck, I could see sunlight.  Upon further inspection, I noticed I slight crack.  I remember thinking to myself, that doesn't seem right.  Anyway,  I commended to mow the front yard and just as a neighbor giving his kids a ride on an ATV passed in front of our house and waved, I opened the front gate to go mow the frontage.

The difference between the yard and the frontage is that there is a slight slope so you tend to ride the mower at a slight angle down from the street.  I have never tipped over or felt like I was pulling 3 G's, but anyway, I am careful not to do any stuntman moves while I ride in the front.  In order to change from the surface of the driveway to the grassy frontage, I turn off the blades and raise the deck.  But something strange happened.  I noticed that the deck never raised.
In fact, on the left side of the mower, the deck was completely down flat on the surface. 
I'll spare you the suspense.  Apparently, over the numerous full speed collisions I have had with objects other than grass, I busted one side of the mower deck away from the support bracket.  That little bit of sunshine I saw coming through when I changed blades was apparently the thread of metal holding everything into place.  I seriously need to learn to weld.
I am contemplating my options here.  As a matter of pure coincidence, we have been discussing the need for a bigger mower for several months now.  The 46" cutting deck is great for an acre, but since we have expanded the size of our property, we have realized we need something a bit bigger.

The tractor I had in mind starts at about $10K. That is not going to happen!  I'm thinking a small herd of goats would cost a lot less. And since I don't want goats, I'm thinking we may have to do the rounds at the various big box stores.   I also have to find a mower repair shop that can fix up this deck so I can sell the otherwise fantastic mower.

In the mean time, I need to walk up and down the length of the property with a chain saw and a shovel and finally remove every single stump, root, rock and stick that might produce an impediment to whatever mower I end up with.  I'm not sure this is what they had in mind when they gave us a day off for Labor Day.


ctscribbler said...

Get the goats! I have a friend at work to does his Silicone Valley job by day, and makes goat cheese by night. His family sells it for big money to the artisan markets, etc. Plus, the goats can be friends with the deer!


Dave said...

That sounds like a winning plan, especially after looking at prices of new mowers. But, I think I'm just going to have my mower deck welded back into working order. Something tells me your friend had to get used to the smell of goats before his venture became profitable!