Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Follow-up: The Mower Situation...

If you skipped by the last post regarding our planned Labor Day mower shopping, you can read about it here. 
But I can save you some time.  We did not purchase any goats, and though we did spend some considerable time researching the Google and driving around to several mower places, we came home empty handed. 

Here's the deal.  We are going to eventually buy a bigger mower.  I'm thinking the 54 inch mowing deck combined with the increased power of the tractor that can carry the 54 inch deck will speed up the entire operation.  But why not make do with what I have until I can really find a good deal?
We called the same guy who has done some welding for us on our front gate and he came out to take a look at the problem.  Long story short, I loaded up the mower deck into the truck and followed him out to his place not far from us. 
In under 15 minutes, he had prepped the broken metal bracket by grinding off some old, excess weld, and just like that, welded the bracket back into place, probably making it sturdier than it was in the first place.
Total cost?  My gratitude.  I was able to spend Monday evening catching up on all the mowing I missed over the weekend and life is back to normal while we take our time looking for the right replacement mower.

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