Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Ass TV Report: And a Football Game Too...

And in short, that really sums up the fabulous Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  This was our second time attending a Cowboys - Buccaneers football game in Arlington, but our first time in the new stadium.

It was interesting coming from the Alamodome the day before where we thought, you know, the Alamodome is not a bad venue for a college football game.  But as anyone who has been will tell you, this thing, Jerry's World as some have called it, is like stepping into the biggest most awesome living room you could dream of.  Let me shut up for just a moment and share a few pictures.
So this gives you the basic layout of your typical domed stadium.  But then it gets better.
 When you walk in at street level, you suddenly realize that the field is actually several levels down.  The entire street level is like a big mall with lots of kiosks, stores, and even bars.  
Go up a level or two and you have sponsored areas like the Miller Lite, Dr. Pepper and Ford sections complete with dancers and fountains.  It really is a festive place providing people with lots to look at while they wait for the game to start.
Speaking of pre-game, outside there are loads of activities for all ages.  By the way, I'm pretty sure that was a guy inside the cheerleader costume, based solely on the firm grip she had on my buttock.
So we had some seats that were pretty high up and probably close to about the 10 yard line.  This is us with our son.
This is us with a nice lady sitting behind us.
Anyway, this is what the field looks like from our seats. You can assume the camera is zoomed in all the way.
And this is why there is no problem whatsoever sitting up that far from the field.  The TV is so enormous, you genuinely feel like you are watching the game in your living room at home with 82,000 of your closest friends, and oh by the way, some people are playing football on a small field down below.

This video gives you a quick idea of the difference in looking at the field and looking at the monitor.
The atmosphere was incredible.  There were a lot of Bucs fans in the crowd and I never saw any ugliness. 
 The video and the music really kept the pace going, especially in light of the fact that it was a totally crappy games.  Both teams really sucked and the Cowboys did not win as much as the Bucs simply lost.  In between the numerous delays caused by TV commercial breaks and bad call reviews, that huge video screen kept us going.
I especially liked the different people encouraging fans to cheer for the home team.  Michael Irvin was intense.
But Bill Engvall, first appearing in a pre-taped bit, followed by him being shown live in the stadium was great.
Enough pictures?  Okay.

In the end, it was a very enjoyable trip and I have to say that regardless of your status as a Cowboys fan or the fan of a visiting team, if you ever have the chance to attend a game at Cowboys Stadium, do it.  Do it and bring lots of cash.  This venue is not free.

We got a really good deal paying $40 for parking less than a mile away from the stadium.  The lot next to us was charging $65.  Care for a cool adult beverage (Miller Lite is all they sell unless you search for one of the bars)?  That 16 ounces of weasel piss will cost $8.50.  Compare that to a 24 ounce Shiner at the Alamodome for $8.  Pretzel?  $5.00.  In short, you are going to the equivalent of a theme park, so expect to pay theme park prices.  This is why you got that Master Card in the first place, right?  Because this sort of outing is rare, but priceless.



those are wonderful pictures..I've not been to the new stadium and have been wanting to go to a home game for my birthday since they opened it up..sigh*

Unknown said...

Photo 22 is what we call a "photo bomb". Google photo bomb and see what you find :)