Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Daily Deer...

We had sort of a little adventure last night.  The deer are used to coming up when we are outside in the late evening, because unless one of the dogs notice them, we are pretty much oblivious to it.  Last night we were just going inside when I heard a vehicle coming up the street, so I stopped to see what was what.  Just in front of our house, one of the neighbors stopped their truck and let a family of deer cross the road into our lot next door.  My son is in town visiting, so we all walked out onto the patio to watch the scene unfold.

Three or four of the deer decided that they would not come close while we stood watching, but the one with the scratches on his coat was not about to pass up a free meal.  He came right up to where I have the camera mounted and sniffed around, occasionally looking up to make sure we weren't doing anything bad.
My son pulled out a flash light and that did not bother the deer at all, though it did help us see exactly where the rest of the family was standing off behind trees about 100 feet away.  I of course grabbed my Canon in hopes of getting some good pictures, but the truth is, I basically got a bunch of pictures with two dots for eyes and otherwise total darkness. 
 But there was this one picture, sort of a lucky shot you might take if you were trying to prove you saw a UFO or something.  In short, I have decided that we should leave the photography to the talented deer camera.

Yes, the same deer camera that picked up this gem.  This is what a deer eye looks like up really, really close.  Nice lashes. Maybe it's Maybelline.
All is not lost of course.  We hadn't seen the bucks in a while, and I discovered a few nice pictures while going through my SD card.
And a few more for good measure.  I do see these guys from time to time in the morning when I leave for work, usually crossing over from the older part of the sub-division heading off to the huge ranch beyond our street, but it has been a while since I got them on our property.
A little baby deer was here again for a snack.  That one is really not much bigger than Gracie.  I saw these two the other day when I was coming home from work, and she was small enough to squeeze through the goat fence.  No idea how that happens, but I saw it with my own eyes.
And a little daytime action.  I have to guess the rest of the family is hanging out in the thicker woods toward the back of the property.  Or this guy is a loner. 

Good times!




Victoria said...

There's a doe and her fawn that come around the house later in the afternoon. My husband and I spent 15 minutes watching a doe eat acorns that had fallen off the oak in front of the house....we only kept watching because, as she ate, she'd get bonked in the head with other acorns that were falling!