Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Caught Up...

When last I wrote, we had spent the day in Fredericksburg.  That has been a few weeks at least and the truth is, I've been busy doing other things that have kept me from providing important news, so here we go with an effort to catch up on things. 

Let's start things off with a few interesting deer pictures.
This one guy has a fascinating scar, or perhaps it is just some paint on his coat.  I haven't gotten to where I can look at their faces and recognize each deer yet, but this one is pretty obvious.  I suppose maybe he got scraped on a tree or a fence, or maybe there was a fight of some sort.
And this one stopped by for a daytime snack.   

We had some weird weather action that caused all sorts of butterflies to swarm all over the place.  I thought we were experiencing some sort of horror-film invasion, though, technically, butterflies just aren't that scary.  They have somewhat dissipated, but the other night, Eva alerted me to this.
 So just to give you some size perspective, this moth is posing for us on the wood trim of the kitchen window.
And this is what he looks like up close.  He didn't flinch a bit at my close up inspection or the flash of the camera.  I thought maybe he was dead.  But the next morning when I walked outside, he was gone. 
We pulled into the driveway one afternoon and Eva spotted her friend "Nutsy"  enjoying a little bath time in our bird bath.  Modesty prevailed and he took off once we tried to get better pictures.
I'm not even sure how to explain this.  We were doing some shopping in the HEB Plus when we happened upon this visual.  Is it just me or does it look like a huge hand covered in mud smacked this guy in the ass?  Now I get what it is like to be in the middle of doing some yard work or maybe turning a wrench on the old Chevy when the wife says, take me to the store.  You don't want to put on your Sunday best, just to do a little shopping only to have to return to your project an hour later when you get home.  And let's also be equally honest about HEB.  As much as I love HEB Plus, it isn't one of those important fancy dress-up places like the Super Target.  But I do know this.  Eva will not allow me to bee seen outside in socks with sandals, or huge greasy hand marks on my ass.  This is a known line drawn in the sand at our house.
She does not, however, stop me from mowing in shorts while wearing extremely goofy looking headphones.

Follow-up to my DirecTV situation.  So back in mid July, we experienced a problem with the DirecTV receiver in our bedroom.  As I wrote back then, I was pleased with the customer support I got from the 800 number and I even wrote DirecTV to tell them as much.  Not long after, probably a week later, we got the same error on the same box so I went through the steps the nice phone tech had me go through before and no luck.  Long story short, I called DirecTV on a Thursday or Friday and another fine help desk person walked me through the steps and this time, no luck.  I told her I was convinced it was a problem with the box and she agreed to send a service call out to the house for $49.  No problem.

I took a half day off from work on Monday the 30th of July so I could meet the techs.  When I got home from work, I turned on the TV in that room only to find that it was working fine!  Of course, that is how it always goes, right?  Not to worry.  These guys spent close to an hour and a half refitting all the cable connectors, they re-zeroed in the dish on the roof and honestly, the picture on all the TVs was improved. 

I did ask about the possibility of just replacing the box but they said it was fine.  So, the techs leave, and within an hour I get an automated phone call from DirecTV asking us to rate the service call.  As you might expect from my happiness to give kudos to those that deserve them, I gave all top ratings for these guys, because they were quick, polite, courteous, efficient, and any other good things you would want in someone who makes a service call to your house.

At about 10 that night, we are getting ready for bed and turn on the TV in that room.  Of course, no freakin' TV and the same error we had before.

The next day, I call DirecTV and I get a very nice and calm gentleman who starts to take me through the same routine.  At this point, I could be working the help desk.  When he began to walk me through the steps (and of course, I have done all this several times before I make the call), I very calmly but firmly walked him through the entire history (not unlike I am doing for you kind readers who are so polite to bare with me).  He gets that I am a little exercised at this point and of course, just the type of person I am, I apologize repeatedly telling him I just want to make sure he understands that this isn't my first rodeo with resetting all the boxes.

An hour later, I get a call from India wanting to arrange a service call.  On Monday the 13th of August. Keep in mind, it is Tuesday the 31st of July, and we have to wait until the 13th of August?  Holy Hell!  How am I supposed to watch Sarah Lucero before bed?  I asked for an earlier appointment but I got the Indian (not Native American) version of "Yea, I'll get right on that".

So of course, periodically over these two weeks, I have been doing the whole routine of resetting the boxes to see if it will magically come back on.  No such luck. 
 This morning, as I was writing this blog, I decided to take a picture of the error just to emphasize the problem when, of course, I turned on the TV and it was working fine.  So, Monday morning, someone from DirecTV will be here and I will be leaving it to Eva to convince them to replace the box in that room.  It is clearly possessed by some demon with an ugly sense of humor.


And if you've stayed reading long enough to get here, I might as well mention Dallas, or the remake of the original Dallas with many of the main characters having aged to current day.  I watched the season opener with only mild enthusiasm just assuming that it would be horrible. By the end of the first episode, I was willing to give the second episode a watch.  And by the end of that episode, I was on for the season.

Even if you did watch the original series back when I was in high school, how could you remember all the details of who did what?  The writers had to make it interesting enough to get people who may have no idea who shot JR.  I think they did.

All I can say is, Larry Hagman is exactly now how I expected JR would be at this age.  And those eyebrows! 

This season went well beyond the idea of JR and Bobby and the interactions of their sons, John Ross and Christopher, but wove in story lines including Sue Ellen running for governor of Texas, Cliff Barnes trying to horn in on South Fork and a host of exciting backstabbing goodness.  If you didn't watch because you just assumed it would be a dud, give it a shot when they show the reruns.


We are watching the final run of Breaking Bad as we sit patiently waiting for Sons of Anarchy to begin.  If you have not yet taken the time to see Breaking Bad, this is your reason to get the free 30 day trial of NetFlix.  You can lock yourself indoors and watch the first 4 seasons, then catch the season five reruns on AMC.   We are just now going back and watching the first season of Hell on Wheels so we can pick up with the beginning of season 2.  We'd better hurry since it starts tomorrow!


Okay, enough jibber jabber. I have some work to do in the yard, some vittles to eat and some blogs to catch up on.  Thanks for taking the time to catch-up with what's going on out here.  I leave with a random photo.

 As you know, I have an ongoing project of scanning in the hard copy photographs that fill boxes of photo albums throughout the house. As I was going through yet another shoebox full of pictures taken over the years, tossed in no particular order, I stumbled upon a picture of me posing near a downed communications tower on Mt Velez near the town of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzagovina.
A good time was had by all.


Albatross said...

Just a quick question: Is it pronounced herts-uh-go-VEE-nuh or herts-uh-GO-vi-nuh?

I've heard it pronounced both ways. I'm just curious how you heard it while you were over there.

By the way, thank you for your service; and thanks to your children as well. I'm sure you're a very proud dad.

M2 said...

Jeez, it is odd that I have a photo in that exact same spot; or that Dave is in several of the other photos I have? Probably not...