Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dinner Report: John and Molly's in Mt. Holly, NJ...

On our first night in New Jersey, my daughter had scheduled dinner at one of her and Tyler's favorite local pubs, John & Molly's in Mount Holly.  It could not have been a better choice to get our week of overeating started.

Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures from the inside, but the place has a really nice bar on one side, and then a slightly smaller dining room on the other. There are the typical flat screen TV's strategically mounted throughout, allowing drinkers and diners alike to get a good view of whatever game happens to be on.  Both the bar and dining room were completely packed, and apparently, it stays that way most of the time.  Our wait was not long at all, maybe 10 minutes, though had we come in even a minute later than we did, I suspect we would have waited at least half an hour to get seated.
We talked about the fact that for the most part, bars, inns and pubs in the northeast have such a different cultural part of the society than they do in our part of Texas.  Making sweeping generalizations here, of course, I think in Texas, most people think of bars as a place you go to get liquored up or meet for a night of heavy partying hoping to find some drunk chick to take home.  For most people here, there is this negative association with the entire concept of someone who frequents a bar to the point that the bartenders know their name and drink order as soon as they walk in the door.  In the northeast, I think you are more likely to find a place like John & Molly's as more of a place to eat and hang out for an hour or two, and oh, by the way, you can have a beer while you are there.  In short, you wouldn't think twice about taking your parents or your kids to a neighborhood place like this.
   On to the important stuff.  Eva and Roxanne shared a Cuban sandwich.   Served with fries, Cole slaw and a pickle spear, there was easily enough for two.  The size of their servings are enormous, and unless you plan to take a box home, sharing is a good idea.  I love trying Cole slaw from various places, and for me, it is either a hit or a miss.  John & Molly's was a hit.  It is hard to compare Cuban sandwiches when for me, the standard is found in Tampa, but I would say this one was certainly good.  The bread was toasted, the pork was nicely seasoned and my small sample was enough to give it a thumbs up.
Tyler and I split the opened faced New York (or maybe it was Bronx style) Reuben sandwich.  I love the Reuben and whenever there is an opportunity, I'm getting one.  Served on thick toasted rye with a salad plopped in the middle, the melted cheese, dressing and sauerkraut really worked well with the corned beef.  That was some serious yummy in the tummy.
The wait was not long, the service was good and the food was great.  It is easy to see why the kids love this place.  On your next trip to Mt. Holly, stop on in to John & Molly's, grab a Yuengling on draft and prepare yourself for a Tasty Treat.

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MsBelinda said...

What a quaint and beautiful building. The sandwiches look delicious.