Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lunch Report: J.R.'s and Larry's

Last week, we went back to J.R's burgers to have a little snack and after finishing up our burgers, the cook came out and told us that J.R. had opened up a small shop on Old Pearsall Road just inside 1604 at Robert Glen.  Instead of selling burgers, he was offering his brisket sandwiches. 
Of course we made our way there, and of course I took a picture.  The brisket had a great taste, served on Texas toast with J.R.'s own home made sauce, this would be a great lunch break for someone in that area.  In fact, I think his target clientele is Southwest High School which is just across the street a bit.  J.R.'s is next to a tire shop with limited signage.  You'll easily drive by without noticing it, so if you want to try it, look hard.  And cash only.

A while back when we were at the Medina County office in Devine, I was chatting with the ladies working the polling station while Eva finished voting and complained about the lack of BBQ in the area.  They all said we should try Larry's, a little shack on Highway 173.  How had we missed this place?
Turns out, it really was a little shack, obstructed by a larger house.  Like J.R.'s on Old Pearsall, you aren't going to find Larry's unless you are looking for it.  Larry's is nothing more than a drive-thru, and most people apparently call ahead.  It was a slow Saturday, so we just pulled in, ordered, and waited.
In addition to Larry's BBQ, the building also offers up Joe's Pizza.  I didn't take a picture but looking into the small kitchen, I could see the evidence of pizza's being made and brisket being cut.  Eva had some comments directed at the suitability of the place to pass a health inspection, but hey, a little salmonella never hurt anyone, right?  It really didn't look bad, just maybe a little disorganized. 
If you wonder how they get all the food cooked in that small place, I suspect the answer is, they do a lot of it outdoors. 
So let's just cut to the chase.  We ordered the $6.00 sliced brisket sandwich.  I thought the taste was fine, though for the price it might have been a slightly larger portion.  Eva is convinced the sauce was from the shelves of a local supermarket instead of home made which I'd expect from a BBQ place.
 As an afterthought, we asked for an order of the cheddar bacon fries.  I mean, who doesn't need more artery clogging bacon when you are pounding down deep fried grease?  Anyway, they looked good and I admit, the first few bites were quite tasty.  But then we realized that the oil had not been changed in a while.  Dude, seriously? 

I think we are going to skip an attempt at Joe's Pizza. 

Do you have a favorite BBQ place within a short drive of the Tri-city (Lytle-Natalia-Devine) area?  Share the secret, won't you?



gak..old grease makes me gag.
Babs has been trying out new stuff at Pizza House..we usually get the same thing..she had the streak fries..which is but up chicken fried steak mixed in with french fries and melted yellow and white cheese mixed with it..can get it with mushrooms too..I tried it and we agreed, it's very good, but is a huge plateful and lord knows it would clog every artery you have.

Victoria said...

May I suggest bringing one of those brisket sammiches on Texas toast up to me immediately?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Evamarie here commenting ..The Sammiches from J.R.'s was great the Texas toast made the difference and walking into a clean place does also .The other one to be honest was not all that and I could take or leave it and when it came to the bacon cheeses fries ..I think it was more of a novelty to us . I can do without ever going back:). I make better brisket :) just sayin ..