Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lunch Report: Hondo's in Fredericksburg...

It has actually been a while since we have been to Fredericksburg and the drive is beautiful.  I have never once questioned why property prices north of San Antonio exceed those of the communities south (and in our case, west) of SAT.  It isn't just that the rolling hills and landscapes are nicer, but frankly, the highway scenery is a much cleaner view.  Is it the tax base?  Perhaps.  Having said all that, a Sunday drive is one thing but having to fight that traffic every day to and from work?  No thanks.

 If I were a motorcycle guy, I might be tempted to strap Eva on the back of a bike and make the trip more often  'Course, I'd have to wear that t-shirt that says, "If you can read this shirt..."
Anyway,  we were in Fredericksburg by 11:00 and timing was perfect to meet Mya's dad in the park right in front of Kendall County Courthouse.  It was so cute to see her face light up when she saw Michael.
Before they had to head out for San Angelo, we took a break and hit the first restaurant on my extensive list that was near where we stopped, and that was Hondo's on Main
 Inside, the place looked smallish, but welcoming.  I am a sucker for places that look and feel like this, with pictures about the history and in this case, pictures of the late John "Hondo" Crouch.  I should have taken more pictures, especially of the hallway leading to the restroom, but the place was getting crowded as we were giving our order.   Hondo's is sort of a self-service place.  You take a menu when you go inside, order from a gal at the bar, then, when you find a seat and your buzzer goes off, you head to the kitchen area to grab your vittles and drinks.  They don't make you wash the dishes, though.
Michael had a half-pound burger topped with bacon on a sourdough bun.  We liked the way the bread had a great taste to it.  Eva had a kids version of the same thing (they basically cut the burger in half and add curly fries) but added cheese.  That cup of condiment is a mixture of mayo and mustard.
I ordered the Blue Ribbon BBQ Bacon Burger which came topped with onion rings and some barbecue sauce.  It really was good, and again, the grilled sourdough bun was an added bonus.  Dude, that was lip-smackin' good.

I went ahead and ordered a half-order of rings for the table, and frankly, we didn't eat much of them.  I'm not a huge fan of the really thin onion rings like this, but aside from that, our burgers were really more than enough.  Oh, the dipping sauces were good.   I do understand why the burgers don't come with fries or rings as an included side, because they would probably go to waste for most people.  If you do like the skinny rings, get an order.
The order didn't take long and we all enjoyed stuffing ourselves.  Outside the air conditioned dining room is a nice biergarten complete with some folks playing music.  I imagine this would be a nice place to stay for a while if you didn't have to drive back home.
I must say that it is just to hot to really enjoy walking around in the heat.  As nice as Fredericksburg is, I bet it would be nicer in October when you could stand to be outside for more than 12 minutes.  And that is a plan.  We are going to have to find a hotel nearby and make a full day of it once we get to a point in the year where it is safe to walk up and down the streets and see all the wonderful shops and sample the local fare.  But if you happen to make the trip and want to get out of the heat, give Hondo's on Main a shot and have yourself a Tasty Treat!


Anonymous said...

Nice review. Did the burgers have a hole in the middle like a donut?

Dave said...

No - I think it may start with a hole but they smash it and close it in once it starts cooking. Or, maybe they do sell a burger that looks like a donut, but none of ours came that way.


I loved Hondo Crouch..his daughter wrote a book about him and I bought it and she autographed it for me and I gave it to my dad..he loved it..and my .......xstep mother wouldn't give it back to me after he passed away..I know she has a nice seat next to the fire.