Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kudos to DirecTV...

I may have mentioned this before but we put off getting DirecTV until it became an absolute necessity.  Once we moved out here where even getting DSL is a huge ordeal (and not even available to my nearest neighbor), the idea that we could get AT&T's UVerse or Time-Warner was a mere pipe dream.

My complaint about DirecTV was the idea of a dish on my house, and more importantly, I wanted TV's in every freakin' room without having to have boxes everywhere.  You get over that quickly when it is your only option*.  In short, we have had DirecTV since the day we moved into this house 18 months ago, and we have been pleased.

Then last night, something very bad happened.  We went to bed with the usual agenda of watching KENS5 news followed by the first 10 or 15 minutes of Letterman.  But there was no signal on the TV.  The DirecTV box gave a code of 771A which equated to no signal from the receiver.  We got back up, watched the headlines on the TV in the living room, then back to bed with only the fine purr of our expensive Tempurpedic making that rumble that it makes as it shakes us into deep sleep.

After work today, I went online to see what a code 771A was, and then did all sorts of trouble shooting.  I took a receiver from another room and swapped it out, and the TV worked, so I knew there was not a problem with the cable in the room.  I finally decided to call customer service and lodge my formal complaint.  Of course as expected they service person asked me to go through the usual steps of checking cables, and all the stuff I had already done, but I quickly interrupted her and read off the laundry list of things I had done to per-trouble shoot for her. 

Eva laughed at me when the lady informed me that I had missed a critical step.  There is a heretofore unknown box hidden behind my main TV that can occasionally needs to be reset.  Dammit!  Why did I not know this information?

After resetting that puppy, I was somewhat smug about the fact that the TV in the bedroom still had the 771A error.  But, my little DirecTV phone queen told me I needed to reset the receiver again, and yes she knows I had done it already!  My demeanor changed and suddenly I was extremely (even overly) pleasant as the receiver started to pull in the signal I had been missing for a full day.  Eva said if I had been any sweeter, she would have required a fork to gag herself.  Hey, I like to tip good service and write complimentary notes to companies that have good technicians, and I did.  

And this is my publicly declared statement that, the DirecTV chick was smarter than me.  

*Yes, I recognize that there are other options - Internet, digital antenna, nothing, but we are weak and we must have HBO and Showtime and crystal clear KENS5!


Victoria said...

What you should have done is complained and you could have gotten three free months of Showtime. I did that once when they sent us a new receiver that was a dud right out of the box.

How about that Viacom stuff though? Personally I could care less about MTV or Comedy Central, and I have grown to hate Spongebob. We pay way too much as it is - and we've had DirecTV since the bought out Primestar years ago - and we have NO premium channels.

I rant, yes. Yes my daughter was mad at losing Nickelodeon. But hey, I still have the NFL Network and my cooking channels....

Maureen said...

We love DirecTV. The Viacom thing makes me sick....we don't (or rarely) watch the lost channels, but it seems like it is pure greed on Viacom's part. However, reading the comments on DTV's Facebook page just makes me sad and also helps me realize why this country is in the horrible shape it's in. Soooo many whiny brats! Anyway, we've had them for two years, and moving to Dallas was seamless with them. Glad you had good service, because we always recommend DirecTV!

MsBelinda said...

I am glad you wrote a complimentary note about her service skills to the company. On the rare occasion I get excellent service I do as well.