Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Night Notes: Fence...

It is entirely too hot outside to start my Friday night work which will include the mowing of the yard and doing some work on my current project.  So, as the chicken and beef fajitas Eva cooked up for dinner settle in my enormous gut, I'll post a few pictures about the latest fence project.
My neighbors have to be driving by and wondering just what the heck is going on.  Yes, I purposely removed a section of the fence I just installed a month or so ago.  And there will be more to follow.

So let me explain.  Before we purchased the property next door, I installed privacy fence on both sides of the house extending out to either property line.  This basically made the back part of the house out of view from the street.  Well, that was all fine and dandy until we started talking about taking down the fence between the two properties.  What it would mean is, I would have a fence that just goes to a certain point and stops for no apparent reason.  I just can't have that.

On this side of the house, the only thing I really wanted blocked by the fence was our little patio area we use fro grilling and such.  I don't like the idea of having BBQ grills exposed to the street, if only to keep any stray thieves at bay.  I know, some of you enjoy setting up the smoker in the front yard or the driveway and making everybody who drives by jealous with your cookout.  I on the other hand like to keep my cooking a private thing and let the smoke speak for itself.
 So, in order to eliminate the fence that goes to nowhere, I am removing several of the panels that don't cover my grill area, then I'm making a lower level fence going toward the back of the house.  This will allow us to look out over the property next door, and it will keep the small grilling patio somewhat private.   You can also see that I made a transition from 6 foot fence down to three foot.  Yes, you can still see the grills, but only if you are standing in the yard (or have binoculars from my neighbor's yard).
The small fenced in area will eventually have grass, probably as soon as Eva finds a pallet worth that can take the heat.  There will be two gates, one leading to the side of the yard and one to the back. 
We'll be able to grill on the patio and look over the small fence into the property next door. And of course, eventually, the fence between the two properties will be removed.  I'll take the panels that I am removing and install them on the other side of the house because eventually, as we can afford it, we want to fence in that other side.  If we ever get neighbors on that side, we don't want to horrify any little old ladies or small animals with the sight of us lounging in the hot tub.

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MsBelinda said...

It looks beautiful. I like the way it transitions from 6 feet to 3 feet.

You have your privacy and you can also look at the land next door.