Sunday, July 22, 2012

Burger Report: PAWS of Summer in Lytle...

Saturday afternoon we had planned to check out the PAWS of Summer event at the Lytle Community Center with our real goal being, eat a good burger for dinner, perhaps buy a few baked goods and donate a few dollars to a good cause. The entire event provides support for the Spay/Neuter Fund; Animal Medical Care Fund, and the General Animal Shelter Supply Fund associated with the Lytle Animal Care facility.  It wasn't as cheap a date as I expected it to be, but I'd say by the time we got home, it was worth it.
 First off, we expected the burgers to be just a patty on a bun with a few ketchup packets.  The idea is, for charity, you want to keep it cheap.  In reality, the burger plates were easily worth the $5.00 charged including good buns, a selection of cheeses and toppings.  Eva's (pictured above) just had some lettuce and tomato, but mine (I ate it before I could take a picture) had jalapenos, loads of pickles, and generous scoops of mayo and mustard.  Is it any wonder I can't wear those fashionable skinny jeans?
As we ate, one of the fine folks from the Animal Control Facility shared a tear-inducing video (just think of your standard Sarah McLachlan commercial) and a heartwarming story or two about the volunteers and needs of the facility.  Hey, it works.  You feel like a creep if you don't at least want to help a little.  I mean, a little more than pay for supper.
 At first, I thought maybe we should go buy several plates of cupcakes and I'd just take them to work, but then they started auctioning things off.  Up first was a certificate for a stay in the jacuzzi suite at the brand new, Best Western Lytle just opened up off of I-35.  An estimated $180 value, nobody would bid even at $75.  So when they lowered it to $50 as a starting bid, Eva started nudging me.  Fine, we paid $85 for a hotel room less than a mile or two from our house.  But it has a jacuzzi in the room!  Oh wait, we have a jacuzzi too.  Oh well, I felt like we did our good deed and who knows, maybe well give the dogs a night alone in the house and go live it up at the Best Western!  Or, as the police chief of Lytle suggested, we could try to resell it to some of the oil field workers in need of a relaxing evening.

So everything is good.  In fact, after we went and wrote a check for the certificate, we were going to hit the baked goods table and leave feeling like we did our part to maybe pay for a dog or two to get neutered.  Not so fast.  After buying an $8 bag of cookies (that are totally out of this world awesome I might add), we watched as the put this spiffy grill up for bids.

You know that I need to purchase a new grill from time to time since I am the worlds biggest abuser of them.  I think I mentioned a while back that, my theory has become, buy a cheap grill, then replace it every year or two.  I know those of you hard core outdoor grillers probably think badly of me for this, but I just can't spend several hours each week detailing my pit like it is a 1964 Ferrari.
 This baby included a bunch of accessories (like flavored wood chips) and as I clutched a big Zip-Lock bag of peanut butter-oatmeal-M&M cookies, Eva kept nudging me to bid.  At about $220, I started to feel like we were Jarrod and Brandi trying to remember what our highest bid was going to be.  I hope this doesn't cost me an unnecessary speeding ticket, but we did outbid the police chief and took home the grill.
And now it sits waiting to be broken in for use. 
I have to admit, this one is a built a lot more heavy duty than my current charcoal grill.  Perhaps we can find an oil field worker who needs a stay at the Best Western but wants to do a little grilling before he hits the jacuzzi.  All for a good cause, of course.

Have you ever unexpectedly bought stuff from an auction when all you meant to do was eat a burger?  Did you purchase a yacht or an old mansion?  Do tell, won't you?


LarryLilly said...

I bid and won at a silent auction in Dallas several years ago a birdhouse built by a guy; N. L. Jones, that worked at a local demolition yard for some 45 years. He would gather scrap stuff and make very ornate birdhouses. Mine had a spark plug for the perch, with pices of tin roof for the roof, some bicylce chain as decorative elements, various brass plumbing parts as decoration etc. It still stands outside my patio and it still is used by the local birds. This year Mr Jones passed away and they had a great story about him. he played in the negro baseball league for the KC Monarchs, then after WWII was a carpenter. The bottom of the birdhouse is signed by him and its a neat piece. I know my wife thought I was nutz for bidding 80 on it, but I liked it and it looks different, not the ordinary kind.

Dave said...

What a great find and I would say well worth $80.00 given what you now know about it.

Someday, I hope to retire and sit out in my shed building bird houses. Though I probably don't have the same creative spark (no pun intended) that Mr. Jones did, I think it is a worthwhile past time to have.

Thanks for the comment and sharing with the group!

Sharon said...

At a '60s party for a school benefit, we didn't bid on a baby blue 1968 VW, and it went for $1800. But we bid on a very cool weekend in Santa Barbara instead, and spent about $1800 on the brunch buffet at the Queen Mary. (Ride not included!)