Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Bluebonnet Pitcher...

If you have spent any amount of time on the Internet, you know that your friend Mr. Google can assist you in finding pretty much anything you want.  Shockingly, I have been trying to track down a simple plastic pitcher and I even know the name of the company that makes it, but I cannot find hide nor hair of this little item.

A few years ago, we were at (naturally) HEB when we found this plastic pitcher that had colorful bluebonnets on it.  We also got some matching bluebonnet tumblers and together it made a festive little set for serving iced tea and such.  We gave the set to my mom, since after all, Eva never keeps anything for more than 6 months, lest a film crew from A&E show up as we get a visit from Dr. Robin Zasio

My mom has been asking me about the possibility of getting another one of these pitchers since a friend is quite fond of hers.  No problem, I thought, we would just go back to HEB and get another one.  Problem is, it seems to be a seasonal item, and they don't have any in stock. 
They do have one a different pitcher on sale now.  Pretty much same design, just not bluebonnets. I even flipped the pitcher over and took a picture of the label.
The funny thing is, with all this information - the name of the company and the fact that the company seems to be from San Antonio, Google has failed me (or maybe I have failed at Google) and I can't even find a picture of the bluebonnet pitcher.

This Parkway Manufacturing & Trading Company does not seem to have a web page, and there is no E-Bay site for DiningStyle plastic ware on my personal Internet.  We did ask the manager at our Lytle HEB Plus and she made a few calls and basically suggested we start calling around to other HEB's, and we will, but I just thought, what a huge Internet let down.

What about you - do you have any secret shopping places on the Internet that will help me track down a bluebonnet pitcher, preferably this same style?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this helps but did you see this site?


Dave said...

Hey Brenty, Yea, I had gotten as far as that. The weird thing is, they don't seem to want to be found by potential customers. We get that HEB is the owner and HEB is where we have to buy the stuff. I was just hoping that they might have a few left in their warehouse and be willing to send them to our HEB. So far, no luck!


I love anything that has blue bonnets on it..