Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Daily Deer...

There has been some on again off again work to clear our new lot.  I was worried that this change of scenery might cause our deer friends to seek hand-outs elsewhere.
But, this is what the camera sees when I toss out some deer corn in the late afternoon.
And this is what the camera sees when the deer come by at night.  I don't think they care one bit that we mowed down the 3 foot tool wildflowers, as long as they can get to the camera to pose and have a small snack in return.
Monday, the clearing of deadwood will commence now that the backhoe is back in service.  By tomorrow evening, I suspect there will be a huge bonfire underway.

1 comment:

MsBelinda said...

Glad the deer did not mind your improvement on their habitat, guess what is important is their treats.

Don't know if you all are having issues with mosquitos like we are here in Del Rio but I suspect the bonfire will bring some relief, be it if only for a while.