Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Daily Deer, Dogs & Birds...

It is simply too hot to do anything productive during the day - and we aren't even getting started with the fireball yet.  It was 101 out here yesterday - not sure what the official temp in San Antonio was, but it was extremely hot.  We spent most of Saturday boosting the economy and emptying my account.  Long story short, some new house phones (Eva pondered, "Are we the only people who still use a house phone?"), a new iPhone for me, some fabric for Eva's platform rocker project (who knew material was $19 a yard?), some photo work at several Office Depots and an Office Max, and some pool supplies for the hot tub.   All that running around and each time we would jump in the truck, it seemed like the air conditioner just couldn't get going fast enough before we were parking to go to the next place.  It took getting on the road to really cool down and even then, we stopped and got some iced tea for the ride.  Today, the only productive thing I will do is clean out the hot tub.  It is waiting for me.

But first:  Everybody loves pictures of dogs.
 Gracie is comfortable enough now that she will sit long enough to pose for pictures with Maggie.  Of course, as soon as the goofy little ankle biter starts in on nipping at Gracie's tale, she is done.  We think Maggie is half-Wiener dog and half-something else, possibly Chupacabras.
 On our way home from breakfast and the ritual shopping at HEB Plus, we saw this lovely scene on a property a few streets down from our house.  I might have stayed a bit to see if I could get a cool shot of them all flying away at once, but a car was coming up behind us.  Oh well.
 Instead of pulling into the driveway, we drove to the end of our street then came back to admire the newly cleared lot.  We'll have to wait until October when it is safe to work outside without fear of heat exhaustion before we extend the fencing to the new property, but I like to look at it nonetheless.  Anyway, something caught Eva's eye on the back of the lot.
Zoomed in, I could see one of the regular deer watching us.  He posed long enough for me to take his picture but then slowly walked back into the brush of the lot behind ours.  I think I'm going to move the deer camera further back onto the property just so I can get some different views.  Eva was just laughing at my hoarder-like collection of deer pictures filling up a large section of a hard drive.  Even if a lot of the pictures look alike, I can't seem to delete them.  A thousand pictures of one deer sniffing another deer's butt; you just don't run across something like that every day (unless you are clicking through deer pictures on my hard drive).    
We did finally put in a new picture on the huge picture frame above our couch.  I took this picture several months ago when the Bluebonnets were in season.  This is an empty lot at the entrance to our sub-division.  I like it.

Stay cool...


Anonymous said...

Man, nothing like coming home to the land. It's a great feeling knowing that it is YOURS. That reminds me, I need to head out to the hill country and check on mine. But, it's been too hot! Although, yesterday morning I took the dog for an early morning walk and it was nice and just gotta time your days right.
That's a great picture you got there on the wall...I thought it was a painting. Keep on postin'.

Unknown said...

I love your posts. Feels so comfy and home-like.

Hope you are having a great summer.

PS: I moved blogs - exhausted, but happy. Hope to see you there.