Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Daily Deer: A Different Point of View...

I decided to move the deer cam to a tree on the new property facing the gate I installed.  I was just looking to get some different looks at the deer.  And, I was hoping I might catch the little dog trying to sneak through the wire.  No luck this time.
Anyway, this is what the angle looks like in daylight.  You can see the gate on the south side of the property and looking west toward Stoney Island in the back.
And this is what the same deer we always see looks like from the side. 
What the hell is that flying thing above his head?  It must be some sort of aerodynamic branch flying in the wind, but I suspect if I were to remove the deer from the picture, I might be able to sell it to one of those conspiracy web sites as one of those new government mini-drones sent out to spy on us.

Or not.


Anonymous said...

Looks as if your camera captured a "flying rod"...

Nope, I'm not buying any of the spooky alien or supernatural stuff...just flying insects I reckon...thought you might have some interest since one of these photos seems to have been captured under circumstances similar to yours.

I really enjoy your writing...Semper Fi...carry on.

Regards, Roy

Dave said...

@Roy: Thank you so much for that link! I just assumed it was a stick or a leaf or something. We have plenty of moths out here, so now it all makes sense.