Friday, June 8, 2012

Lunch Report: Big Lou's...

You know about Big Lou's Pizza on W.W. White in San Antonio because you watch Man Vs. Food.  They serve a huge, and I mean HUGE pizza that serves everyone at the table. 
 They have a guy bring this thing out lifted above his head, and a second server has to make sure the entire table is cleared of glasses and plates and such, just so they can lay it down.
On my visit today, I asked the people at a table near me if I could take a picture of the huge pie that had just been presented, and they were still in shock giving me a semi-conscious approval to point my phone at their feast.  You need to understand what you are looking at in the picture above.  That is a full size table that seats 6 to 8 people, and that pizza is touching the edges from side to side.
At my table,a co-worker ordered a 10 inch pizza with everything they offer minus anchovies.  I've had a pizza in my day, and when I was offered a piece just to test things out, I have to tell you this was a serious winner. 

I ordered with a few other guys and we got a 16 inch sausage and pepperoni.  Sorry, no picture.  It took over 35 minutes to get it to our table and before I could snap a picture, there were several pieces gone.  I will say that it was a damn fine pizza - better than most in fact, but the slice I had from the 10 inch pizza with everything was so incredibly good that I had lost interest.

The guy sitting next to me ordered a Calzone that was just huge and fantastic looking.  I must return for one of those.  A guy sitting a few chairs down ordered some spaghetti and it was both huge and good looking.  In short, Big Lou's offers a lot of big food and the good news is, from what I could tell, it was all good!

Eva and I plan to go back soon so we can take better pictures and eat more awesome pizza.



that's about the size of the large size at pizza house..I like the zombie..which is the works with jalapeno and anchovies.

Dave said...

I love jalapenos but the thought of anchovies gives me the creeps. Though in all fairness, I've never actually tried one.