Saturday, June 16, 2012


I'm sure you remember my daughter Roxanne and her beau Tyler.  You know, Tyler, the guy who tried to kill me moments before asking for my daughter's hand in marriage?  The date for the wedding had been something of a moving target, to be honest, and we along with the kids had contemplated a lot of different venues and such.  Well, with very little notice, the two love birds with friends as witnesses and photographers made the short drive from New Jersey to Philadelphia and made it official.
Eva and I could not be happier (though we would have liked to have been there if we could) to announce that Roxanne and Tyler were married today.  Of course we love our daughter, but we love this guy and are so happy that he has come into her life.  Hopefully, on the next trip to San Antonio, we'll be able to have a great get together out here and celebrate the nuptials in proper Texas fashion.
I am very happy to say that a fine citizen of the city of Philadelphia seeing the groom in his uniform ran into a nearby liquor store and greeted the newlyweds and their friends just outside the chapel with two bottles of champagne. How awesome is that?  The city of brotherly love, for sure (unless Michale Irvin is involved).
I hesitate to post this but couldn't resist. My son sent his sister and her husband this note this morning.  He is currently deployed and the picture comes from the cockpit of an AWACS operating over an undisclosed location above the clouds.
Here is the sunrise from this morning. Not only does it signify the beginning of the day, but the beginning of your new life with one lucky guy. Congrats! Goodnight.
We have some great kids.


Anonymous said...

Happy news!! Congratulations on your new son in law.
I know they will be very happy together.


oh man..they are both so beautiful..they are going to make some gorgeous babies.

Rich said...

Bravo! Congrats to all!

lotta joy said...

They are beautiful and, (unless there's a troglodyte hiding in their ancestry somewhere), their babies are going to be GORGEOUS!!!