Sunday, June 10, 2012

The HEB Gas Station is Open...

I know, I probably sound like Steve Martin in The Jerk proclaiming that the new phone books are here when I mention with great glee that the new HEB gas station and convenience store has opened in Lytle, but this is a big thing for us out in these parts!
The What-a-burger connected to the store was supposed to also be open on Friday, but sadly, it is still a few weeks away.  I had to be the one to break the news to Eva since she had been eagerly counting down the hours to dinner. 

In the end, she settled for a Mighty Kids Meal from the McDonald's in Lytle and then was hugely disappointed and pissed that they shortchanged us on the fries.  Here's the deal, we don't even eat at McDonald's these days, but when we do break from tradition and go there, we do expect the consistent quality that that company has made a worldwide name on.  And, both Eva and I worked at McDonald's - she was a manager for 17 years.  We can look at an order of fries and  tell you if they meet the standard, and this little bag was more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

I have a policy - never send anything back to the cook, because you know what will happen; it starts with Puh and ends with Tooey.  I have no interest in eating fries with some 16 year-old's loogey mixed in them.  Eva, on the other hand, felt like she owes it to the corporate name to hold under performing restaurants accountable.  They parked us and within a minute or so, the smiling manager handed us a new bag of adequately filled fries.  I didn't bother to taste for spit.

Good news:  The HEB convenience store sells coffee like you might find at a good Exxon Tigermart.  Things are looking up, I say.



and I think you might ask at the register if they are having the deal where if you buy a gift card and get gas with it you save 11 cents..they do it every once in a while..worth asking.

MsBelinda said...

That is a nice gas station and convenience store. I had no idea HEB even had small convenience stores.

Hope the Whataburger opens soon and glad McD's gave you adequately cooked fries.

Christine Macdonald said...

Things are looking up, indeed!

Good to realize the truth about returning food. I've seen it happen, back in my waitressing days.