Monday, June 25, 2012

Dinner Report: Whataburger in Lytle is Open!

I know, I know. You don't even have to say it.  Whataburger is just a fast food chain and I am constantly yammering on about all these great places to get awesome handmade, super juicy and delicious artery clogging masterpieces.  Why would I get excited about Whataburger?  Because we now have our own close to home, that's why!
 Say what you will but I'll put the Number 5 on Texas toast with grilled jalapenos and onion rings in place of fries up against many of the higher end burger places.  No, of course Whataburger doesn't beat out Lord's or Chris Madrid (most of the time) or even Bobby J's (though my wife might argue that one).  But you can get a consistent product that is just as good as Five Guys or Smash Burger for half the price. 
And the good news was, we went into the Lytle Whataburger on opening day, something I usually avoid, and in spite of the place being packed, we had a very brief wait and our food came out quickly, and it was just as good as we expected. 
And in a big blog fail (this only happens rarely), I was so giddy about the arrival of my burger that I couldn't control myself long enough to take another picture once I unwrapped the delicious present before me.  I can only say Yum! and hope that covers it.


AlanDP said...

OMG I never thought of asking for onion rings in place of fries.

My two favorites are the honey barbecue chicken strip sandwich on Texas toast and the chop house cheddar burger.

Anonymous said...

We don't have any Whataburgers in these parts... nor do we have any Smash Burgers... seriously??? People actually eat at a place called Smash Burgers??? My goodness! What has this world come to???


I heart whataburger..a lot.

maureen said...

I came looking for the chanclas. Glad it was good! Our Whataburger here is not so bueno.

Victoria said...

I'm sorry, I was too busy looking at those gas prices. Damn! That's a lot better than what we have here!

Dave said...

@ADP: Now you know!

@LilDreamer: Smashburger gets their name from the fact that they use hand packed burgers and smash them down on the grill. Good stuff!

@JackieSue: Is there a Whataburger in West, or do you have to drive to Waco or Hillsboro to get your fill?

@Maureen: Eva dressed down - she wore the standard Nike chanclitas without bling. Not worth a picture, really.

@Victoria: Yes - I wondered how many folks from outside our area might look at the gas prices ($3.16 if you didn't see it) and be a little jealous. Hooray for Texas!

Steve said...

So I'm wondering if tearing into your burger without taking a picture would be considered premature mastication? Not to worry, happens to other guys all the time!