Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Clean-Up Begins...

There appear to be some technical issues with the company Eva hired to start clearing our lot next to the house.  Turns out, the tractor that pulls trees from the ground is having a minor situation.  It isn't that we are in a hurry or anything, but when the guy gave us a start date and finish date, we sort of mentally prepared ourselves.  Not to worry.
So Wednesday, a few workers came over and cut some small limbs off a few trees.  They were only out there for an hour or so and when I got home from work, I was less than impressed.  I told Eva that they probably wanted to make an appearance so we wouldn't get upset and call the whole thing off.  I totally understand the plight of a small business, so really, it just wasn't anything I was going to get upset over.
Today, the real work got started, and when I got home from work, I was very pleasantly surprised.  What a difference a day makes. 
In the back corner closest to our house, there was an overgrown tree that made it impossible to see our fence and we were not looking forward to tackling all the drooping branches and grown-up weeds around it.  You know, that whole idea of spiders and snakes and such.  They made quick work of that and we both appreciated being able to walk around the edges of the property for the first time.
They have already started several burn piles which I suspect will be pretty impressive once the fire starts.  Perhaps we'll bust out some marshmallows by Sunday evening.
And in case you are wondering, this is the guy we have hired to get the work done.  We've seen several other job sites and have been duly impressed with what we've seen.  A few glitches aren't putting us off any timeline, so, so far, so good.



wow...what a difference.

MsBelinda said...

I am so envious but in a good way of hiring someone to do the heavy work.

I commend you for understanding the plight of a small business owner not everyone would have been as understanding.

May your family and you enjoy your new land for many years to come.