Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wills Point and The Lone Star Grill...

This week we took a short drive up to the small town of Wills Point which is east of Dallas.  Our daughter Roxanne has a friend from the military who is moving to San Antonio to become an MTI and the two of them drove down together.  The friend, Shannon, is from Wills Point so she wanted to spend a few days with her family and we thought it would be nice to go up and meet her parents and pick up Roxanne.
Just a few notes about the drive.  First off, we might sound like complete bumpkins here, but this was the first time we took the tollway that bypasses the traffic of Austin.  Between this and the experience I had in Tampa a few weeks ago with the Crosstown Expressway, I am solidly in favor of any toll roads anyone wants to build.  I don't know how much actual time we saved by bypassing Austin, but the stress-free ride at a posted speed limit of 80 MPH and an actual average of close to 90 was wonderful.  I don't know if it was due to the time of evening, but there was no traffic going, and on the return trip, it was busy, but not enough to even worry about.  
On I-20 eastbound near Italy, we saw this little place.  There was another place near it that I couldn't get a picture of, but it was a building shaped like the Starship Enterprise or something of that nature.  I think it may have been a strip bar, but can't be sure. I doubt the two places were related, but it was entertaining.
The small town of Wills Point is about 5 miles off of I-20 through some beautiful farmland and everything you expect from your idea of a small Texas town.  
The train depot caught my eye immediately and inside, there is a nice little museum, though we didn't take the time to explore it. If we had not been pressed for time, it would have been nice to get out and walk along several blocks of the old town just to appreciate the buildings and see what we found.
 We did make time to meet Shannon's wonderful parents, Dean and Connie who run the Lone Star Grill in Wills Point.  You couldn't ask for nicer folks to whip up some pancakes, eggs and thick, juicy and delicious bacon.  In totally uncharacteristic fashion, I didn't snap a single picture of my breakfast, but rest assured, it was quite tasty, indeed.  Roxanne reports that the chicken fried steak is a must-have (she has visited before) and if we ever find ourselves on I-20 east, we'll stop in to give it a try.  I love me some CFS.
 Connie was so nice, she made us some peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes for the drive back.  Look at those homemade pies - you just know they are good.    
 After a nice breakfast we had to begin our journey back home, but first we had to have Natalia annotated on the visitors map.  
 If you happen to be up that way and want to get your pin put on the map, you really ought to stop in to The Lone Star Grill in Wills Point; you'll be in for a Tasty Treat.   



Kind of reminds me of West, with out the skunk time you come down I'll give you the grand tour..some of the older houses are really great..

Maureen said...

The toll road that bypasses Austin truly is the bomb-diggity. We've used it several times now on our back-and-forths between Dallas and SA, and there has never been any traffic to speak of, and sometimes there aren't ANY other vehicles for miles on end.

leah said...

I believe there are never any cars on it because hardly anyone in Austin uses it... I don't think it's making too much money, last I checked.