Saturday, May 19, 2012

West, By Goddess, Texas...

We actually sat there and tried to recall exactly how it was that I met Jackie Sue via the Internet several years ago.  No, it wasn't one of those sort of things.  We both were regular readers of one of the blogs I follow, and since we both tend to follow other bloggers from Texas, it was just a matter of time before we would find each other.
 Jackie Sue has been blogging for years.  Her blog, Yellowdog Granny is not for the thin-skinned Republicans in the group, and if you'll get all nervous about the views of a Pagan, she's not your gal.  Having provided all the necessary caveats and warnings, what you will find is that Jackie Sue is one of the nicest, honest, and friendly folks you will ever meet.  
We told her that she should really be a spokesman for the chamber of commerce in West.  She has singlehandedly lured a dozen or more fellow bloggers to West to drive beyond the touristy kolache store just off of I-35 and instead drive a few blocks up the street to try the really good bakeries that represent the small town.  This is a woman who genuinely loves her town and the people there.  She follows the school sports teams (The West Trojans and Lady Trojans enjoy great success in baseball and softball), judges chili cook-offs and volunteers her time with the senior citizens of the community. 
On our trip back home from Wills Point, we stopped in and met Jackie at the Pizza House of West for lunch.  During a previous trip, we stayed in West overnight but because we arrived later in the evening, didn't get a chance to meet in person.  This time, there was no excuse and we had a fine lunch and got to catch up on things.
We had the pizza last time we ate here, and Roxanne and I split a small one.  Good stuff!
Eva had the BLT with these huge onion rings that were great.  How can you pass up on something like that?
When it was time to get back on the road, we walked over to Gerik's Bakery which is next door, and grabbed some kolaches, pastries and a cinnamon roll.  We'll be trying to eat that for days and walk it off for months.  Even if you don't end up eating lunch with Jackie, you really owe it to yourself to stop off in West, next time you are up just north of Waco on I-35, and try some of the wonderful Czech delights found in town.

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I had such a great enjoyed meeting the both of you and getting to meet your beautiful daughter was icing on the cake..
yeah, what can I say..I do love my little circa 1959 town of West. and both the Trojans and Lady Trojans won their last series..they'll end up going to state...cross your fingers.