Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nachos Report: Hacienda Jalisience

Nothing short of a Jim's or perhaps a place that served up fresh catfish nuggets and huge rings of onions would sooth the loss we've felt from KD's shutting down.  So, take whatever I have to say about the new place that just opened in KD's unfortunately located building at the entrance of I-35 South in Lytle, with the knowledge that I am bitter over the loss of a great place to get an excellent burger. 
When we saw that the new business would be another Mexican restaurant, we had pretty much vowed to never step foot in the place, but when you suddenly find yourself with a hankerin' for some fajita nachos and no desire to drive back into San Antonio for Cha Cho's or even Taco Cabana, all loyalties are gone.  Hacienda Jalisience, looks fresh with paint, all clean inside and the food smelled good as soon as we walked in the door.
 KD's had sort of a Coca Cola and old time sock hop theme going on; old 45's stapled to the wall and silhouettes of 50's style dancers.  HJ just painted everything a bright yellow, not unlike a muffler shop on San Antonio's west side.  But it works and I'm not complaining. 
   Once we sat down, our waitress brought us menus, some chips & salsa and got our drink orders.  The first sign of a problem was that, as extensive as the menu was with wonderful plates and taco combinations, we did not see fajita nachos, the whole point of our visit.   Of course, Eva utilized her magic linguistic skills to ascertain that in fact, fajita nachos were available, just not a regular menu item.  
They do look good, don't they?  I'm suspecting that the cook must have thought this was a perfect sized order for a table of one, not two, but given the fact that we already had a basket of chips and we weren't particularly hungry, there was no need to call in for a second order.  Most of the fajitas were fantastic, but like at many places, you have the one or two duds, where the beef has to be gnawed on a bit. No worries, really.  The small serving of avocado Eva asked for was good and I liked that the order came with a bunch of jalapenos for me to devour.

As we were finishing up, Eva commented that she thought the place was good, but it would all depend on what they charged us for the nachos.  Since it wasn't on the menu, it was one of those situations where, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.  I think I can afford some nachos, especially the one person size order.

We got up to the register to pay and they had tickets for all the tables but ours.  There was a lot of confusion between the guy ringing us up and the waitress, and they began to consult the menu and a price list.  This is probably where I should have simply offered a suggested price, but figured they knew what they were doing.  Long story short, that plate of nachos came out to about $14.00 as best I can tell.  Our total bill (before tip) was $19.00.   The nachos were good, but not anything like what you would get at most other places we go to for say, $7 or $8.  Whatever.  I'm not going to quibble over a $20.00 bill, especially when the place is so new that they don't even know their own prices. 

Give 'em a try if you want, but we already have our favorite Mexican place in town.  

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