Monday, May 28, 2012

Miscellaneous Photos And Random Commentary...

I'm afraid I haven't had much time to provide updates as often as I would like, but that doesn't mean we put our cameras down and stop capturing the evidence of our daily lives out here.  So, as a way of playing catch up, I offer a few random photos taken over the last few weeks.
First off, who doesn't like puppies?  We still haven't figured out the exact type of dog Maggie is, but one thing is for sure, she is a hand full! But isn't she cute?
Did I mention that the HEB Plus in Lytle is getting a new gas station with an attached convenience store?  If you have ever been to the one in Floresville, you'll know what I mean.  We won't have to actually go inside the HEB Plus every time we need an item or two.  Plus, they have doubled up on the pumps.  The current gas station is always, and I mean always packed with people trying to fill up.  Things should be at least somewhat smoother once they open.  And the best part of all this is, they will have a What-a-burger right there!  We are so happy. 
Eva has been doing a lot of little odds & ends in the yard.  Here are just a few favorites she snapped pictures of.  That lantana in the back is something I dug up from the street in front of our house.  Yes, it was growing through the edge of the asphalt.  I can't tolerate an unmaintained street, so I picked it and we replanted it in the yard.
Our hibiscus plants are doing very well in the beds along the front of the house.  We are going for all the colors we can find. I think there is a yellow one out there somewhere.
We had one of our bird baths toward the front of the house that was being under utilized by birds, so Eva used it as a planter.  I don't know what these plants are called but they look nice.  And that little statue in the back is St. Francis.  He was one of the pieces of yard art that our daughter Roxanne gave a good painting to while she visited last week.
The sun really takes it toll on these things and it was nice to have Roxanne get everything spiffed back up.  This is also proof that if you visit us, Eva will put you to work.
Eva's garden has produced some broccoli that we ate, some peppers that we turned into pico de gallo, a bell pepper that we used in some yellow rice, and a whole bunch of tomatoes.  The problem is, the tomatoes refuse to turn red.  We picked a really huge one and have it sitting in the front window, but so far, still green.  We never have tried fried green tomatoes (though I enjoyed the movie), so maybe we will give that a shot if it doesn't turn. 
On Saturday morning we went to the little flea market in Devine to stop in and see a lady who sells plants.  As we were leaving, Eva spotted this old platform rocker and just had to have it.  Why?  Who knows?
She is going to reupholster it once she finds a pattern she likes and we are contemplating refinishing the wood too. Of course, we also need to figure out where the heck to put it.  We have a spare room (our old office) that is filled with furniture.  I suspect the people from Hoarders might have us on their radar.
I don't recall if I mentioned this or not, but somebody puked in the parking lot at HEB.  Either that or they emptied a bowl of oatmeal.  I didn't bother to do a taste test.
Finally, to wrap things up (as if oatmeal/puke wasn't a solid finale), we went to the county office in Devine and did our civic duty of early voting.  While there, we got a glimpse of the Medina County courthouse for this part of the county.  Eva just thought it was the cutest little thing, like something you would see on a TV show about a small town.   Yes, proof that our cameras are always with us (as if oatmeal/puke wasn't a solid reminder).



puppy is a cutie pie..and I love that rocker..

Sunflower Sue said...

What a cute puppy! I love how you have repainted the knomes. I have a pile of them to freshen up.