Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet Maggie Mae...

Our dog Gracie has a new little friend, even if she is still a little stand-offish at this point.  We saw one of those San Antonio Pets Alive trucks and went in just to look.  The sad thing is, all the animals on the truck were facing euthanization and we can't save them all.  But we could take one, and we did.
The first night and this morning, Gracie has been a little skittish, but she is usually that way around new dogs, so hopefully within a few days, all will be well.  Maggie sure hopes so, because she is eager to play!
Look at this little face.  We really aren't sure of the breed, though she is small and there may be some chihuahua involved.  She is allegedly 2 months old but I'm sure within a few more months we'll have a better idea of what she is going to look like and how big she will get.



oh she is just soo cute..almost as big as Dexter..ha

Maureen said...

She is beautiful!

Stacia said...

Found you through Simply, Life and wow! Love the new dog! Good for you for saving a dog from death and giving it a good home. We are adopting a kitten and bringing her home next weekend, and we have a dog as well. Wondering how they will "get along"!

Will be a new follower of you!!


MsBelinda said...

What an adorable puppy! I commend you and Eva for giving this dog a new lease on life.

On the news I heard that they had a very successful adoption campaign and no animals will have to be put down thanks to generous people like your wife and yourself.