Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lunch Report: Uncle Barney's...

If you are familiar with the Hungry Farmer Steak House, you may have seen the sign for Uncle Barney's Old Fashioned Hamburgers on the side of the building.  I had no idea that Uncle Barney's was an actual separate restaurant until I read a review on the SA Burger Blog some time ago.  I guess I just thought that Hungry Farmer referred to their burgers as Uncle Barney's.  So once we got that issue cleared up, the next step was to actually give it a try.  Like many places we have on our list, this one just kept getting bumped, but when I was able to get out of work early one day during the week, Eva and I were both hungry, and Uncle Barney's was the destination.
 Right off the bat, I like the old feel of the place.  Lots of signs and junk cluttering the walls and shelves is enough to keep one entertained while waiting for the burger.  At the time of our visit, the diners all seemed to be working folks taking a break for lunch.  
 Unlike the Steak House operation, there is no waitstaff in Uncle Barney's.  You walk up to the counter, order your vittles then find a place to sit.  When they call your number, you grab the order and dig in.  I like that.
 Eva had a hankerin' for a a chili-cheeseburger and that was what she got.  This is the type of thing you can actually pick up and eat instead of having to tackle with a knife and fork. She did cut it in half, but the idea was, the chili complimented the burger, not overwhelmed it.  The bun was grilled, but soft, and the combo meal included a granola bar.  Not sure why, but she saved it for later.  
 I tried what they call the Muchacho Grande which is two patties and a combination of fries and onion rings. The first thing to note is the fries and rings.  They have the steak fries and the good style of onion rings.  When we got our order, the fries were hot but the rings were just warm.  They were good, but I would have preferred waiting a little longer for a fresh order.  The burger fixin's were excellent.  I love the bun, the fresh tomato, lettuce pickles and such.  The hamburger patties themselves had us pondering whether or not they were frozen patties or freshly ground.  According to a sign, they make their burgers from the cuttings of steaks from the restaurant next door daily - so I guess that means fresh.  Unless you are really hungry, skip the double meat.  I felt stuffed and didn't even finish the fries or warm onion rings.  
 Overall, we were good with Uncle Barney's and wouldn't hesitate to go back again.  In a case of people all have different opinions, I read several reviews where writers claimed this was a terrible place or that it was the best burger in town.  I'd beg to differ on both counts.  We left the place satisfied that we got a good burger for a fair price, and sometimes, that's enough to keep a place on our list.


MsBelinda said...

I really enjoy your restaurant reviews wished I were closer to go try them out.

Both of what you guys ordered looks absolutely delicious.

I am hungry now :(

Albatross said...

I've eaten at Uncle Barney's a few times, and I've liked it every time. I would eat there more, but I don't get over that way a whole lot. I'm much closer to Armadillo's, most days.