Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Car, Big Gator...

I'm in Tampa attending a conference for work but taking the opportunity to see my parents while I'm here.  
 May I just say that in the past, I have had some crappy rental cars, but nothing beats the crappy-ness of a chartreuse green Ford Fiesta.  This car looks crappy and is dangerous for someone taller than 4'11".
 Jesse is slightly taller than 4'11".
 I was parked at my parents place and one of my nephews, the little one, Jesse thought it would be a hoot to poke fun of me and my little car.  To emphasize the smallness of the Fiesta, he and another nephew, Dan took pictures and posted them on Facebook.  One of them even asked me if the little car had a place to hold my purse.   Hellions, I say.

In other news, I pulled of the Crosstown Expressway and thought that I had come up on a multi-car traffic accident.  There were at least 6 or 7 cars stopped in both directions and people standing out in the street with cameras.  I exited the off-ramp and slammed on my breaks thinking someone might need first aid or something.  
Then I saw the gator.  There was a man trying to keep the people from getting too close, but obviously, some folks have watched enough Swamp People to feel like they can handle a small one like this.
Without Troy Landry in my passenger seat, I decided to skip the inevitable leg-chomping inflicted upon the slowest runner and weave through the assembled gawkers.  But I did get this nice profile picture.


Greg said...

Sounds like a hell of a trip! I'm amazed they still even make Ford Fiestas... I was under the impression that's been on the worst cars of all time list for quite some time now

MsBelinda said...

Weren't the Ford Fiesta's geared to the young kids market that is why they come in such wild colors?

Glad you got a chance to visit your parents along with your hell raising cousins :D

Neat alligator pictures.


you and the fiesta did not represent Texas well bud.

Steve said...

I think the Fiesta is a re-incarnation of the Pinto. Another one of Ford's better ideas!