Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Farm...

Eva has been giddy for quite some time as her little garden out back has started to grow.  Oh sure, I could give you detailed pictures from when it was just some dirt on the ground all the way to the current status, but take my word for it, it started very tiny.
And now, it is a full fledged farming operation.  We may need to purchase a tiller or one of those John Deere combines if we aren't careful.
So far, the output is minimal.  Up first, we have a single pepper which is just waiting for me to reach in and eat it.   If it is hard to detect, that is because it is really small and the same color as the leaves.  But trust me, it is there.
 The real pride and joy is the broccoli that has come out.  Honestly, we had no idea how the large leaves were supposed to transform themselves into the same kind of broccoli that you would want to steam and pour an pound of Velveeta on.  Now we know.  It just happens. 
We did have a minor incident with the single tomato that has been produced thus far.  As Eva reached in to make said tomato visible for the camera, she inadvertently picked it.  Tomorrow morning, she may have to make herself a Barbie-doll sized portion of fried green tomatoes. 

I trust HEB Plus won't have to worry about a significant loss of income based on our current production toward self-sufficiency, but at least Eva is having fun with it. 



I'm only doing herbs this year..and flowers. Dexter keeps laying on top of the pots..I'm going to bip him.

MsBelinda said...

Congratulations to Eva and you on your little garden.

Wish I had a green thumb :(

Don Devine said...

That is a very purty garden!! We havent had one in a couple of years and miss it terribly! We're moving back to Kentucky so we're wanting to wait until then. I hope I can!! Nothing beats the smell of good fresh tomaters!!!