Saturday, April 14, 2012


 The photo used at the top of this blog page was taken with my handy little deer cam.  I have it mounted on the fence on the side of our yard looking into the vacant land next to us.  
 In short, it allows us to attract the deer and enjoy their funny faces while keeping them away from Eva's growing collection of plants.  Oh sure, the deer could easily jump the fence into our yard, but our dog Gracie, who only wants to be friends with the deer, so she says, is unable to jump the fence and tag along with them. And we and the deer prefer it that way.
Almost from the time we moved out here, we have wanted to buy the property next to us.  There are a number of reasons, but most of all, we just don't want someone else building next door and ruining our nice relationship with the deer.  So, last week, we made an offer on the property and the offer was accepted.  I call this post "Before", because this is what the property looks like now, or before we get started working on it.
There are no great plans to do anything.  I will put a gate between the two lots so we can easily walk between the yards, but aside from cleaning up the trees and keeping it mowed, we just plan to make it look like a park.  Someday, there may be little ones who want to set-up a tent and camp out with the deer sniffing around in the middle of the night.  Later, Eva may get that golf cart she has been wanting and drive around picking up branches and stuff.  Who knows? 

Barring any complications, it'll be ours in a month or two.


Steve said...

Dave, very nice place you have there. A place like that would work for me if I can ever get away from the city!


MsBelinda said...

Congratulation on buying the adjacent property, you guys were very wise to do so for all the reasons you stated.

I have always thought your header picture was beautiful.