Friday, March 9, 2012

My Daily Deer...

Interestingly, as the weather has pushed towards warm for the most part (this morning, it is windy and cold), and we can see color come back into the landscape, the number of deer stopping by our place has decreased significantly.  In fact, over the last several days, only our most regular Buck has stopped by for a quick snack.
He came by twice, once stopping for just a quick nibble, and the second time, he slowly walked into view of the camera, looked back over his shoulder and took off running.  That has been it.
Just out of the view of the deer camera, Eva got to witness the wind take down a good sized tree.  It just snapped.  No deer or birds were harmed in the incident, but the impact of the long drought is fairly obvious out here.

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its dank and dreary here, but we need the rain so I try and refrain from have deer and I have a Opossum on my porch.