Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Bluebonnets...

On the way home from work yesterday afternoon, I stopped at the community mailbox to check for my Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes winnings (no such luck) and the wonderful smell of the wildflowers grabbed my attention as soon as I opened the truck door.  I don't don't suffer from allergies, but the impact is almost overwhelming, in a good way.
 I don't know what these purple things are called, but they really look great.  That's a great looking property but of course, I'd never buy a lot with the public mailbox in my front yard.
Closer to our house, about a mile down the street from the mailbox, I took these pictures of some other wild flowers that, once again, I don't know the name of.  You'd think I could look on the Google for some help, but the names are not important at this point.   Of course, there are some Bluebonnets, the most important of the wildflowers, in a small patch in the middle.
And speaking of Bluebonnets, these are from our front yard which really makes us happy.  I have the lawn directly in front of the house and I keep that mowed, but on the outer areas, we have have just let the wildflowers do their thing.  The few neighbors we have in our area have pretty much done the same, forgoing the duties of lawn care in favor of this yearly gift of nature (and Ladybird Johnson).  And since most of the properties are vacant, driving through the sub-division is really a thing of beauty.
 In the back, the yard is sprinkled with Bluebonnets and other wildflowers, not as concentrated as some of the other lots on our street.  But it still looks nice. 
Eva is preparing herself for a Texas Bluebonnet style St. Patrick's Day. 

If you can't get out here to see the wildflowers for your self, hopefully the pictures help a little.


MsBelinda said...

The bluebonnets as well as the other flowers look beautiful. I don't get to see many bluebonnets in this part of the state.

You and Eva have a great St. Patty's Day.

p.s. loved your tub as well

AlanDP said...

The little purple flowers are called phlox.


I want to move there...well, maybe not..but wanna come for avisit..