Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mobile Food: La Guadalupana...

At the intersection of I-35 South and Loop 1604 in Von Ormy, there is a huge Mr. W. Fireworks store that is only open during the various fireworks seasons, and only if there isn't a burn ban in affect.  The store has a large, well lighted gravel parking lot and you can routinely see people setting up little kiosks to hock cell phone accessories, puppies and bales of hay.  Over the last month or two, there has also been one of those food trucks that has set up shop.
 We drive by this stretch of road and see crowds of people eating here, and half a dozen times at least, Eva has mentioned an interest in seeing what all the excitement was.  A neighbor reports that she has seen the food truck in action as late (or early) as 3AM while passing by on her way from work.  What is it that draws people to mobile food stands when there is a perfectly good Burger King just across the highway, or a few convenience stores  loaded with fried foods kept legally edible by heat lamps for hours?  
It just so happened that we found ourselves in the general vicinity of  of this busy parking lot and both Eva and I were hungry for a snack.  We decided to stop in and give La Guadalupana, which is what this restaurant on wheels is called, a try.  
Eva ordered gorditas which are these fried pita bread but made of corn tortilla filled with meat, lettuce tomato and cheese.  What is not evident in this picture is that this thing was loaded with carne asada.  These were really good (I know, because I ate half of one).
I ordered two beef fajita tacos that came served with chopped onions and cilantro.  The flour tortillas were so soft and fresh and delicious, and the meat was deliciously spiced and served piping hot.  

Two gorditas, two fajitas, and a bottle of Mexican Coke came out to $12.00.  Not bad at all.  We are definitely going to stop in and try the burger one of these days.

Do you know of a mobile food stand that serves up something we need to eat?  Leave a comment won't you?  



we had one in waco when i worked there..i'm not sure but i think it was road kill..

MsBelinda said...

Those fajita tacos look absolutely delicious. The gorditas look good too.