Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Grill Pad...

We had a bunch of left over flagstone from our front garden project, so we decided to put it to use by expanding the area I keep my grills.
I had talked about building a small deck in this area but it never was a priority, but now that we had some extra rock laying about, it seemed like the perfect afternoon project.  The real issue with this area is the hardened cliche left over from when we had our garage/shop built.  You can see how there was little to no grass in the area.  We had to break up the soil just so we could begin to work with it.
From there, we put down a tarp that we had gotten our $12 worth out of, to use as a weed barrier.  We took dirt and the decomposed granite we had on hand to use as a base and to level things off.
As I hauled flagstone from our storage yard (a small fenced area behind the shop that houses all of my used lumber and other materials) and shoveled dirt, Eva placed the rock and leveled things to form the small patio.
And about three hours later, we were pretty much ready to take a break and grill some vittles.   I have to say that Eva did the majority of the work on this project.  It is starting to be a trend.  Perhaps I should incorporate and her do little side jobs during the week while I'm at work!
I didn't offer to pay her for the new grill area, but shortly after the work was completed, the fajitas were ready to go.  Not a bad project for a Sunday afternoon.  


Anonymous said...

Mighty fine work if I do say so myself :) Mighty fine !!

Dave said...

Mighty fine work if I do say so myself :) Mighty fine !!

Yes, Eva. Good job.

Steve said...

You guys do nice work. I should give you my address!