Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Different View...

If you wear glasses you will have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about here.  The adjusting to a new prescription is just freaky.

My eyesight has always been pretty good.  It wasn't until computers became a regular part of my work, the combination of those old green screen monitors and low light that had some sort of weird impact on my eyes.  I wore glasses for almost ten years before having the opportunity to get eye surgery.  The doctors told me that by the time I was forty, I would probably need reading glasses (and I did) but my distance vision was good.

Not too long ago, maybe a few years ago, I got myself a very slight prescription for glasses to use while driving.  It isn't that I can't see to drive without, I can and do often, but I just wanted really, really extra good vision especially for driving in the early morning and at night. 

I recently went to have my eyes checked and the doctor told me I was pretty anal about my vision.  But then she laughed and said she was too, so she understood.  What surprised me was that she told me I have astigmatism and that I probably should wear glasses full time - bifocals even.  Instead, I opted to get a pair of glasses to use for driving as I had previously, and get the prescription reading glasses to replace my $2.00 HEB cheaters.  That may have been a mistake.  A weird thing happened when I actually got the new prescription.  It was as if the whole world was suddenly in HD.  

The change in prescription not only made things much more crisp and clear, but my perception of height and distance has somehow been altered.  I literally feel like I am walking taller than I was before.  Sitting in the driver seat, the truck feels as though it is higher off the ground than it was before.  Aside from that, driving seems the same, just a crisper, cleared view.  But if I wear the glasses while walking, it is a serious adjustment.

What I have found though is that if I wear the glasses watching my now double-HD TV, if I look down at the remote or look at my phone, the glasses need to come off.  I now understand why the optometrist suggested I go with bifocals.  So I think I need to give that a shot. 
 Or I could go with some Tri-Focals. 


Anonymous said...

I am 2 years ahead of you in the glasses department. I now wear bifocals, and still can't believe how sharp and clear our tv picture looks (no, it's not a new tv). The worst part- that you can never know, is how it feels putting make up on. I really thought I looked better than I do! Where did all those little lines come from so suddenly??

Keith Alan K said...

If you thought adjusting to full-time glasses was weird, bifocals will make you woozy. Took me 2 weeks, but you get used to it.

Steve said...

My first glasses were bifocals and I went with the no line kind. Took a little getting used to. Used to trip up the stairs, I was fun to be around!HAd Lasik two years ago and because of my age I still need to use readers for close stuff and most likely will end up with bifocals again, unless the technology improves for astigmatism correction.